Adapted from the novel by Otsuichi, and following on from Kendi Oiwa's manga version, GOTH: LOVE OF DEATH is a mysterious horror film which boasts a neat twist in the serial-killer theme. Two high school students, Morino and Kamiyama, share a morbid fascination with death and cruelty. This mutual blood lust leads them to track a wanted serial killer, not to help catch them you understand... but for a few tips.

Morino and Kamiyama share a morbid fascination with cruelty and murder in this horror. Together they track down a brutal serial killer to find the latest two victims - not necessarily to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel L (ru) wrote: This is just not a very good movie. It kind of has a story but I barely knew what was going on. The fighting was fine I guess but don't waste your time.1.5/5 = Poor, A Few Good Parts

xenia r (it) wrote: Watch This Movie Free at Movies27 d0t c0m

Jordan L (ca) wrote: The beginning was so overly dramatic, but it gets better.

Jeff B (ca) wrote: Based upon the number of negative reviews I've seen this movie will not strike a chord with everyone, but if you can manage to look beyond the overt use of sex you may possibly realize that it is only a means to masquerade the true message behind it - the power and ultimate frailty that comprise intimate relationshps. Excellent writing/directing from Mr. Virgo supported by some ballsy acting performances and a beautiful score.

MarcAndr B (us) wrote: Bien fait et beaucoup plus drle que je l'aurais cru!

Jimmy P (br) wrote: Being more a big, giant advert for Nu Metal rather than an actual movie, this film has not aged well at all. The plot is really hard to explain because I didn't know what the fuck was going on.

Noel D (de) wrote: In 2 words: TANYA ALLEN. <3

FantasyKitties (us) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!

Miguel A (fr) wrote: "Three Businessmen", tal como outros tantos filmes de Alex Cox, pode ser basicamente o que quisermos que seja: pea sobre o sentido da vida, um conto existencial de trs reis ou uma gigante piada para a qual ningum tem uma explicao fcil. O pior mesmo reparar que este objecto indie as fuck - filmado com dinheiro holands - encontra srias dificuldades em manter-nos atentos durante uma hora e dezassete minutos, porque - verdade seja dita - o argumento no tem muita graa e ningum quer saber das crises dos homens de negcios.

Simeon D (br) wrote: 3rd entry in our "The Asylum" marathon (5th Asylum movie I've seen) and this is definitely one to skip. The only reason anyone would want to watch anything by these guys, who are notorious for making rip offs or "mockbusters" of popular movies (such as in this case: 2012), would be to laugh at how fantastically horrible the quality of the movie is. And with most of their films, that is the case, but not as much here; the comedy is to seldom for it to be worth the whole ride. The story is beyond bland and breathes generic apocalypse/sci-fi/save the world mumbo jumbo. Basically a far away star explodes and a group of several scientists have about a day to send a rocket full of nukes into outer space to keep the radiation from the supernova from destroying Earth. Now what does this have to do with 2012? Absolutely nothing! In the beginning of the movie, it even says that it takes place in present day, which directly contradicts the title. It's small details like these that you have to pick up on with these movies. It just makes them all the more pathetic. The characters are the most gut wrenching aspect. Are they good, are they bad, are they funny, are they sexy, are they badass, are they evil... these questions toss wildly across your mind as the plot ever so slowly unfolds until you realize that "Oh the main character is a dude who wants to save the planet, his love interest is hot but has no brains, the bad guy is a racist stereotype, and it all ends happily: JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER ASYLUM MOVIE!". As a piece of advice from another review on this movie, my friend and I made a drinking game (don't worry it was Iced Tea) by drinking a glass every time we saw the black guy. Now, the acting is just plain awkward and stupid, except for this one black guy who works with the scientists. I don't know his name, but he's an Asylum regular (The Day The Earth Stopped). We loved him in his other role, and in this one he shines. Not as much because he's at all talented, but because of his INTIMIDATING GLARE. Whenever he tries showing emotion, his eyes open very wide and he looks like he's going to FUCK SOMEBODY UP. The Asylum seems to be against having any any non-white Americans, except for this guy, which makes him something special and something to cherish. The script is definitely a target for all out bashing. But for the sake of leaving this movie some unsevered limbs, I won't. Instead, I'll give you an example of what there wittiest quote is: (American): Where are you from? (Chinese): I am from the People's Republic of China. (Russian): I am from the People's Republic of Vodka. But I digress from the movie itself and onto its watchability. The special effects; horrid. The editing; repetitive. The cinematography; dark and claustrophobic. The movie spontaneously throws a bunch of unlikable characters at you with no introduction and, with a speedy pace, sucks you into what is an impeccably generic disaster story. It's not necessarily painful to watch, it just shouldn't be watched. 2012: Supernova has some entertaining moments, both intentional and unintentional, but it's so by the book and so uneven that by the end you are anything but satisfied. 08/100

Stephen B (ru) wrote: Fantastic look into Gullah culture. It's a great introduction for anyone who wants to look further into African American culture and history.

Nikki F (jp) wrote: Faith, goes along way!

Jayden C (ca) wrote: really goodmust see

Adrian N (gb) wrote: What a very heartwarming, funny and touching film this is. This film is more than just the values of Christianity, it is a calling for all fathers to be a better, kind and loving parent. Plain and simple.

Hayden G (us) wrote: A charming and inspiring independent road movie about two buddies stuck with each other at the end of the world.