The year is 1816. A sprawling villa in Switzerland is the setting for a stormy night of madness. On this night of the "Haunted Summer," five famous friends gather around an ancient skull to conjure up their darkest fears. Poets Lord Byron and Percy Shelley, Shelley's fiancée Mary Godwin, Mary's stepsister Claire Clairemont and Byron's friend John Polidori spend a hallucinogenic evening confronting their fears in a frenzy of shocking lunacy. Horrifying visions invade the castle - realizations of Byron's fear of leeches, Shelley's fear of premature burial, Mary's fear of birthing a stillborn child - all brought forth in a bizarre dreamscape. They share the terrifying fantasies that chase them through the castle that night. The events of that night later inspired Mary Shelley to write the classic "Frankenstein" and Dr. Polidori to pen "The Vampyre," which became the basis for the creation of Dracula..

Story of the night that Mary Shelley gave birth to the horror classic "Frankenstein." Disturbed drug induced games are played and ghost stories are told one rainy night at the mad Lord ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Armando B (ca) wrote: This was absolutely bad I don't understand why other people are saying that it was good, or saying that it's better than the first one. This was a wretched sequel, terrible acting, plot was a wondering mess, none of the suspense like the first one, all around amateur and absolute disgrace to the " Blair Witch Project ". As that being said for this being one horrible sequel to a wonderful first installment, I give " Book Of Shadows: The Blair Witch Project 2 " an F.

Nate T (fr) wrote: The most mainstream Polanski film up to 1974. A multi-layered film noire with great performances and masterful direction. The film prominently displays Polanski's signature themes. Originally, the first of an intended trilogy of film. Only one sequel was made though. Followed by the sequel: The Two Jakes (1991), which was directed by Jack Nicholson in place of Polanski. This should be a part of The Criterion Collection and is available on Blu-ray in the US.

Scarlet C (de) wrote: Another of my Disney childhood favorites..

AudreyKim H (ca) wrote: Paul Newman stars in another highly-watcable film about the decay underneath the gold-plated veneer of East Caost high society. Joanne Woodward shines as Newman's spoiled, vindictive wife.

Kerby H (mx) wrote: This is not a great movie by any means, but you can't help but like it. Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore are both pretty bad in this, but they have great chemistry.

Jay R (jp) wrote: It's sad how cynical some of the reviewers how critiqued this film. I view it as a man (Eddie Murphy) awakening the consciousness of a lost TV shopping network mogul (Jeff Goldblum) . If you understand this relationship, the rest of the film, falls into place.

Bradley D (it) wrote: This is linking to the wrong Maraget Whiting (and this film being also on that Margaret Whiting's page is likewise in error.) This Margaret Whiting was a London West End stage actress, who is likely still alive at this posting.

Shane J (ag) wrote: As a massive fan of the original trilogy I was intersted to see where they take the franchise after statham departed. Unfortunately it's more of the same but looks cheaper and has a lead with zero charisma,His fighting skills are also pretty lacking compared to what we've seen before. The only real bright spark is Stevenson who's always good as his father. It's a shame they went this route,if they wanted a prequel then do a prequel of how he got to France in the 1st place not a by the numbers transporter story. Personally the should have got Stevenson to take over the franchise as a older version of the statham character