Govindudu Andari Vaadele

Govindudu Andari Vaadele

A man returns to India to find his family on the brink of a rift. He must push past his tendency to take everything lightly and work to heal his clan.

A family drama revolving around three generations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy W (us) wrote: What a disappointment. A creative director and incredible cast only get you half of an interesting movie, the trailer and descriptions are misleading as this is some kind of sad homage to the sickly, but beloved, heroine who we have to watch bravely fade away amidst the grime and webs of decay. Yuck

Micah B (fr) wrote: Very well done documentary. I had seen Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" and was nearly convinced global warming was a real concern. An inconsistent truth puts Gore's movie to shame. This witty, informative documentary debunks any pathetic evidence Gore had of global warming and enlightened my ignorant mind. Now I know the REAL truth. Go see it!

Michelle C (ca) wrote: A very old fashioned story with a very modern background. HK people going north to earn a living. It talks about all kinds of love: family, friends and man-woman - that are hard to find nowadays. It's a fairy tale but moves audiences - aren't we all looking for them? Shu Qi is now a real actress that she can easily bring audiences into her feeling. So is Liu Ye - a very good actor as well. But my big discovery is Tian Liang - it's not easy to portrait somebody with mental problem but he does it good. Many I have been sidetracked, but why in a sudden, the role of Anthony Wong becomes blind???? This is one of my big question...

Maisam M (ru) wrote: Its not my type of thing..

Rick S (mx) wrote: Fun little flick, actioneer that exceeds simplistic plot.

James H (de) wrote: Very unappealing film, depressing and filled with characters you don't feel emotion for. I never really cared what happened to any of them. Slow moving, boring at times. Kyra Sedgwick gives an insincere performance. Yuk.

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Gerard H (jp) wrote: Somewhere in Hungary you find the Titanic Bar, like in Helsinki you find the Corona Bar......

Ryan M (kr) wrote: A bit disappointing - especially considering the cast. I expected much better!