Hanzo Itami is an incorruptible Edo officer who learns that an infamous killer has fled from his island prison. Hanzo begins tracking him down using his unorthodox interrogation techniques.

Hanzo is an incorruptible and unorthodox officer in Edo, as famous for his self-discipline and his love shaft as his sword. Against the backdrop of his magistrate's occasional rounding up ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandra A (nl) wrote: This movie along with "Silence: is a strong contender for The Worst Movie of the Decade.A waste of my time, my life, my patience.And Adam Driver with his pretentious mug trying hard to be cool is becoming fast my less favorite actor.Seriously, to think once upon a time Mr Jarmusch was original and witty...

Zef R (br) wrote: Best "X-Men" film to date!

Gretchen W (us) wrote: I really like Jessie Eisenberg but this was so stupid i watched about 15 minutes of and turned it off!

Christopher B (us) wrote: Just ok. Not that entertaining.

Geo T (gb) wrote: If I Stay is a film that wont stay long in the memory of the viewers. Part of that is because the story is weak and cheesy add to that the weak supporting cast, In the end, If I Stay is an average film.

Lee M (it) wrote: No coherent story line, bit dull, the only entertainment factor was and inside look on how the other half live, for me it was more like a documentary! Lol

Jayden C (gb) wrote: This isn't the standard awesome documentary from Michael Moore but more of an interesting travel diary of his 62 city tour of America trying to get the 'slackers' to vote in the upcoming election between Bush and Kerry.

Leonard D (ag) wrote: I love Garfield, and is a special part of my childhood. He showed the world that he's brilliant, bringing a timeless feel to his character. As soon as I popped this movie into my DVD player, was expecting something great. Unfortunately, I was shocked! Why would creator Jim Davis agree to this!? What the hell was he thinking!? Even the cg looks painfully obvious! Even Bill Murray couldn't match up to Lorenzo Music, because he sounded like he was mailing it in, dammit! I could go on, but for now, I'm done!

David M (fr) wrote: Interesting to begin with, but it became pretty obvious about where it was headed halfway through.

Jesse R (ru) wrote: This was the first film that got that ball rolling for Steven Seagal, who like Jean Claude-Van Damme would rule the late 80s and early 90s with karate action flicks. I thought this was a very good film to get Seagal's film career rolling.

Shoubhik C (nl) wrote: The Godzilla looked like a overgrown T-REX , but everything else like dialogues and performances from actors were good.

Armando P (es) wrote: Well acted and decent for a hockey movie.

Josh M (it) wrote: A worthy addition to the Rocky saga. Even though Rocky has retired from boxing the film is still able to show heart and emotion.

Nadjib R (es) wrote: With this one i really think that's critics were a bit too harsh, This movie had the potential of being amazing but the overall atmosphere and the plot ruined that, with two Mega stars such as McConaughey and Watts, One thinks that the movie will reach its full potential and add to that a Master director Van sant and you think you have your self a perfect movie but that wasn't the case here, The concept of the movie is without any doubt Interesting and Original but the way the movie unfolded was its major problem, other than that the acting was decent to some extent