Something sinister has come to the shores of Erin Island, unbeknownst to the quaint population of this sleepy fishing village resting somewhere off Ireland’s coast. First, some fishermen go missing. Then there is the rash of whale carcasses suddenly washing up on the beach. When the murders start, it’s up to two mismatched cops – an irresponsible alcoholic and his new partner, a by-the-book woman from the mainland – to protect the townsfolk from the giant, bloodsucking, tentacled aliens that prey upon them. Their only weapon, they discover, is booze. If they want to survive the creatures’ onslaught, everyone will have to get very, very drunk!

When an island off the coast of Ireland is invaded by bloodsucking aliens, the heroes discover that getting drunk is the only way to survive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg C (us) wrote: Would have been better with a less movie like ending.

Zack B (fr) wrote: Nowhere near as powerful as the original Kobayashi film, but it's still beautifully made in every technological aspect and acted really well also.

Dann M (ru) wrote: Based on one of DC's bestselling comic runs, All-Star Superman is a daring and ambitious adventure that's unlike anything that Superman has faced before. When Superman is irradiated with a lethal dose of solar radiation he's given a few weeks to live, and uses the time to set things right with his friends and enemies. Unfortunately, the film tries to cram in too much, and it ends up diminishing and cluttering up the story. And while the animation is quite vivid, it's not especially impressive or well used. Despite the rich source material, All-Star Superman is an unfocused mess that's unsatisfying.

Grace V (de) wrote: Third Star is the greatest film I have ever watched, and I have seen many great films. Words can't describe jus how brilliantly marvelous it is, and I would be shocked to hear that anyone thought otherwise. The actors are extremely talented, the script is beyond compare, and the directing is beautifully done. Third Star has given me new perspectives and has broken the bar for film expectations, and is not predictable or expected, because unlike so many others it is realistic and actually delivers real life situations. The characters are real people with actual problems, and they are all extremely likeable and charming in their own hilarious way. Please watch this great piece of art and experience the way that it was meant to be, with a sense of adventure.

Cheryl C (gb) wrote: I'm not going to recommend this movie to others, like I did for Me and You and Everyone We Know. It's often too slow, too weird, or too confusing. That being said, this story was interestingly crafted, posed useful questions/hypotheticals, and was frequently touching.

Luciano G (it) wrote: The plot of "Insanitarium" is routine and silly with tons of corny one-liners, but this has to be one of the goriest horror films....this movie has enough goods to recommend it for fans of blood-drenched horror...

Adam D (us) wrote: Only seen very small bits of this movie; not worth it

Joseph D (fr) wrote: Perhaps Canada's greatest achievment in aviation history. This is an excelent movie. I was suprised it was only made for Television. I'm sure it would have done well in the box office

HungYa L (es) wrote: Absolutely love Peter Jackson's early works on horror. This has to be one of my favourite Michael J Fox movies. The story itself is brilliantly arresting.

Robert C (us) wrote: MONKEYS AREN'T FUNNY!!!!! THis movie proves it like no other. The script is generic and cliche as hell. nothing is likable, original or funny. A shame too because the actors here are really talented. Props to them though for realizing that even if they tried this will suck, and therefore hardlly trying.

Ben U (gb) wrote: I watched "In The Mood" only because I was bored and it was on Encore so I watched it not really expecting much. However, the movie has a very wacky story plot that kept me awake at least and had a few good "awesome" moments, such as Steve the Bunny. Some bits were boring and the end really didn't turn out the way I wanted, and the odd relationship between the Woo Woo Kid and his father was a bit unexplained, which may have made the movie better.

Darrin C (fr) wrote: The classic original is the best of 3 and has memorable crashes and one-liners. Never a dull moment.

Ryan P (fr) wrote: A satisfying swan song for one of the true grandmasters of cinema.

Ibraheem M (mx) wrote: It doesn't for sure reach the high standards of its predecessor but it isn't the worst sequel in the world; French Connection II is worth a shot even if it lacks the magic of the first installment, perhaps too much running-time was centered on the addiction recovery process rather than the tracking down Charnier.

Roque F (ag) wrote: This is an Spanish-French production that's certainly paranoid and macabre. A twisty story of revenge with and imponent creepy atmosphere, great characters, beautiful photography and a tasteful eroticism that makes it great. It contains several references to fantastic literature, and ends up rising as an ode to the uncanny. I loved it.

Private U (br) wrote: Starts off quite atmospheric and even beautiful, but then takes a nosedive into nonsense with a radioactive meteor in a satanic dungeon.

Raji K (ca) wrote: Miller's Crossing is the Coen Brothers take on the mob. Featuring Gabriel Byrne, Jon Polito, John Turturro and Albert Finney, the movie has a solid cast. The film however seems to be presented poorly as so many names are thrown around, its difficult at first to understand the plot. Although this is set to be in the 20s the film never feels of that nature, and all the double crossings and murders seem to be confusing. The movie has some great scenes for sure, but overall might require a second viewing, that is if I feel up for it, which is unlikely.

Michael T (kr) wrote: Noisy, boring and uninspiring.

Ruthie G (ag) wrote: the most funniest movie i have never watched