Grace Is Gone

Grace Is Gone

Upon hearing his wife was killed in the Iraq war, a father takes his two daughters on a road trip.

Stanley Philips falls apart when his wife, a soldier, is died in war. He is unable to tell his daughters about the death of their mother so he decides to take them on the road trip. Ultimately, he can find meaning things what he really needs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erick Alberto R (ru) wrote: Fabuloso!!! lstima que sea un corto... me gustara una pelcula entera con este personaje

Christian H (es) wrote: While some scenes are cheesy and could have been left out, Heaven is for real boasts a well written script and an earnest message.

Dustin M (us) wrote: This film made zero sense. Dan Fogler, you are way better than this.

Tanil S (us) wrote: poor ending, still good job.

Jordan T (br) wrote: THIS IS ONE OF THE WORST MOVIES I HAVE EVER SEEN ~~~~. I can't think of a movie this horrible except this, it sucks period, so much swearing, the actors are crap, the scenes are stupid, and this one part in this piece of [email protected]&t, the guy hits his girl in the face for nothing, he picks her up ,then goes to the room,takes of her pants and then OMFG ~-~-~~~ he licks her [email protected]$& ewwwwww THIS MOVIE SUCKS PERIOD DO NOT WATCH THIS PIECE OF S$&T

Anna Q (jp) wrote: I don't remember this movie. I like Son in Law as my go-to Pauly Shore flick. ..Doesn't everyone have a go-to Pauly Shore flick?

Ben S (ca) wrote: Non-peak McCartney era film with something less than a coherent plot actually makes for some fine viewing.

Stella D (ag) wrote: this is a good b-picture about truckers, directed by jules dassin and written by a.i. bezzerides, who also wrote they drive by night and kiss me deadly. i'm not a big fan of richard conte but he does alright here, valentina cortese is great as the hard bitten femme who makes him a mark and lee j. cobb has a blast as the heavy. interference from producer darryl zanuck may have weakened this picture but it's still worth a watch for noir fans. dassin's last film before the blacklist and his self-imposed exile from hollywood

Valerie M (kr) wrote: Kind of stupid plot, but enjoyable all the same. I didn't like Jeanette MacDonald, but Maurice Chevalier was good and Myrna Loy stole the show.

Hans B (fr) wrote: Cheesy ethnic comedy, far from Reality..