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Dan H (ru) wrote: Good actors, but what the hell did I just watch!!??

Eric T (br) wrote: Pretty damn entertaining, at least for me. Those who don't already know a decent amount about Anderson Silva or combat sports might not really get much out of it though. But in my biased opinion, it was pretty awesome to see the behind the scenes build-up and training for the fight that, to me, is one of the greatest and most epic comebacks in the history of fighting (not just mma). And also, it was pretty hilarious for me to see Chael Sonnen talk such a ridiculous amount of shit about Anderson, Jiu-Jitsu, and Brazilians in general...and then get tapped out by one of the most basic Jiu-Jitsu moves (while he was literally 1 minute away from becoming champion) by the Brazilian, Anderson Silva. And then, the fact that Sonnen gets popped for juicing after the fight only further adds to Anderson's epic badassery. Anderson Silva is this generation's Bruce Lee, and this film is a pretty cool insight into what separates him from the rest of us mere mortals.

Brandon H (ag) wrote: this movie have alot of action . it good

Alan K (ag) wrote: Why was this even made?

Jack S (au) wrote: I love a good romance, but she should have stayed on the train. Film should be called "My insipid day in Vienna with an American clod." I wish they had gone to the play so I could have seen the cow smoking with his hooves. The only slightly interesting scene was in the cafe, catching snippets of other people's conversations.

Colonel K (nl) wrote: Love the movie, love the actors, and love the script but something for me was just missing.

Rhonda C (es) wrote: One of the best sex scenes ever!

Caleb C (gb) wrote: The best of the 3 survival films. It starts out like any typical kind of movie like this would be with characters that seem to have the IQ of a 14 year old, but are actually adults. After about the first 15 minutes here, the film becomes more of a reality, and one of the most intese films I've seen on the survival subject. The acting and direction of this piece of work gets better as it goes. Seek this one out at all costs.

Bertn60 B (ca) wrote: A well made , balanced portrayal of the struggles of a black in the 70's.

dinesh l (us) wrote: very good and very horrer movie

Orion W (ca) wrote: Another great film for Vivien Leigh's resume. I'm tempted to say she looks even better here than she did in Gone With The Wind. Her performance was equally good, though the love scenes may not count to that performance, since she was with the man she truely loved and her new husband, Larry Olivier.This was Viv's show all the way, even Larry couldn't compete with her on the screen, something he actually admitted when it was all over. In fact she outshined him so much he decided not to make anymore films with her. They worked together on the stage alot, but never in pictures again.Laurence was not slouch, he's not considered one of the greatest actors of all time for nothing, But all eyes were on his wife's performance in this one, he really had to fight her presence to be noticed.British folks should know this story pretty well, considering it was one of the biggest scandals of its day, the Admiral Nelson/Lady Hamilton affair was big news back then. Its a pretty sad story, especially when you know what happened to Nelson, you can't help but feel sorry for Lady Hamilton. A great film with lots of drama and romance, should not be missed if you get the chance to see it

Kyle E (us) wrote: Impressive use of flashback to construct most of the film, but there isn't enough meat to Sternberg's film, with the short running time dragging a little. But at least the performances are good, with Marlene Dietrich being the stand-out as the enticing devil.

Miguel R (de) wrote: Horrible at its finest, The House at the End of the Streets provides a crappy storyline with Jennifer Lawrence being the only positive aspect of the film