Grado 3

Grado 3

Interwoven stories of love between young couples. Spain.

Comedia picante que explora diferentes tipos de relaciones sexuales: un homosexual y su novia, un viudo que contrata a una prostituta para su cumpleaños, una pareja de casados y tres estudiantes en un apartamento. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sheila H (kr) wrote: One of the best pics this year. Makes you laugh and tear up. Lovable characters and beautiful filming. You don't have to like opera to enjoy this movie.

Landon L (us) wrote: This is one of the worst movies that I have ever seen. First of all, "Snow Buddies" has a stupid story. Its about dogs that fall out of a plane and land in the snow. Its poorly well written and uninteresting. I hate it. "Snow Buddies" has some of the worst voice acting and acting in a movie that I have ever heard. It is so bad! Of course kids play the dogs. It is just, awful. Another thing about "Snow Buddies", is that this is Animal Cruelty! Those poor little puppies had to fall and were probably forced to do everything! Poor little puppies! "Snow Buddies" is an awful movie with animal cruelty. I don't recommend it to anyone at all! I hate it! Score: 0/10 Stars: 0 Stars

Sandy C (kr) wrote: PVC, latex, rubber--skin tight outfit for the horndog nerd gamer audience, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Sidney C (it) wrote: Ah Bruce, Bruce....what were you smoking? This movie really looks kinda hazed and confused on the big screen. The star...whats his name? Has faded over the horizon...besides he wasn't that cute. I suppose you've got to use film shelf life is fleeting...

Dylan K (ru) wrote: this is an underrated gem about one of the worst directors of all time and you can't not love it. while making some of the worst films ever to hit the silver screen I can't help but respect Ed Wood for knowing what he wanted to do and doing it. Even though he was terrible at directing he loved it and i can't help but respect him.

Allan C (ca) wrote: Cornball, but quite entertaining film that tells the "true" story of Frank Dux entering into a violent underground no-hold-barred fight competition. A young Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Dux and is quite good. However, it's the villainous Bolo Yueg who steal the film as the hulking brutal main rival in the competition. I'd completely forgotten that Forest Whitaker had a part in this film, but he is excellent as always and way too good of an actor for this drivel. Still, it's pretty entertaining drivel and features a completely rad 80s score by Paul Hertzog and some wonderfully Eye of the Tiger-like inspirational rock ballads from Stan Bush. Well worth watching for 80s action film fans.

Jonathan K (it) wrote: Urban is one of my favorite actors. That being said, pathfinder is terrible. It was a major waste of time

David F (ca) wrote: While the music's great in the way that 80s music was, some of the plotting and the drawn out nature of the film leave something to be desired. If you're watching it for Prince and his music, fashion, and attitude, you won't be disappointed.

Gavin S (gb) wrote: At first I didn't know what to make of this, and it was a little slow, a little tedious, a lot of characters, and just meandered about. But then I gave it a chance to develop...the thing that occurs to me is that many people today are so used to instant gratification and things always happening, that this movie might bore them. I was even sure I might give up on it, and it's 2.5 hr run time, but then I thought what's my rush? Give it a chance...I'm so glad I did.This movie strikes me as a snapshot in time, of America in the mid 70s, a time of disillusionment, caused by many things, including the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers (the movie, shot in 1975, was 12 years after JFK; and a parallel, today is 12 yrs since 9/11...I wonder if we will have our 'Nashville' soon, or if we've already had it?).There's a sadness that hangs over the film, a sort of hollow emptiness that seems to eat deep into the characters, even while they lead what seem like normal, good lives (some better and some worse than others). By setting it in Nashville, we also get the world of Country Music...the old, the new, the dreamers, the hangers-on, mixing with the druggy rock stars, the self-absorbed, and those adrift from society.It's a perfect setting to get a look at the melting pot that was 1975 America.Weariness hangs over everyone, in the wake of Vietnam, Watergate, the Kennedys, etc. We get stories of housewives who sing in Gospel choirs, yet give in to the temptation of adultery; young women dreaming of being singers, the one with no-talent is scooped up because of her looks/body, (and one of the saddest scenes in the movie involves her coming to that realization) and the talented one never really gets that chance until very later on, and provides one of the most powerful moments in the film (and more powerful than many films). We get the rising star who wants to advance her career; the veteran star who runs the town; the falling star who's being crushed by exhaustion, anxiety, too much too long, who just needs a break, but who's manager/husband has to push to keep her on top.We also get the political forces who want to use the country singers to get votes, and will make any promises to anyone; the self-absorbed asshole 'country-rock' star who chews women up like gum and throws them away; we get the disillusioned loner; the soldier returned from Vietnam, and is there a difference between the two? It's just a fascinating portrait of America circa the mid-70s, and it really gets you to look at it, and think, and really see the humanity behind all the stories, and how there are good and bad, but even within this grouping, no one is entirely one or the other, just a lot of shades of grey. Circumstances lead people to many different actions.If nothing else, please give it a shot, I know it is slow to get moving, but in the end, you'll be happy that you took the time and gave it a chance to unfold for you. If you have any interest in great performances, and a better understanding of a bygone era that shaped where we are today, watch Nashville.Bravo Mr. Altman.

Paul S (gb) wrote: overlooked ealing comedy......

Don S (us) wrote: Somewhat of a romantic drama, though it is light on romance - a high school senior (Kat Dennings, who is wonderful in this role) seducing a teacher and having revenge sex with a fellow student who is infatuated with her doesn't qualify as romance in my book. The acting is good, the story holds your interest, but the pacing is a little slow and the total dependence of the teacher on a 17 year old girl for life fulfillment seemed contrived and unbelievable. .Even so, a wonderfully moving movie.

John M (mx) wrote: Another fascinating entry in the Herschell Gordon Lewis catalog, The Wizard of Gore may not be the least bit scary or suspenseful, but as usual Lewis treats us to an odd plot, creatively bad acting, and scenes of violence executed with a level of technical sophistication designed to appeal to prepubescent boys. Montag the Magnificent (Ray Sager) dressed like a magician from junior high school drama class, appears to murder female volunteers from the audience on stage only to have their wounds miraculously close up before our eyes. Montag delights viewers by not only borrowing the leftover white powder to dust his hair and mustache from Lewis's other killer in Blood Feast, but also by speaking with the same dramatically slow cadence. When the hostess of a talk show for housewives (Judy Cler) tries to figure out how Montag does it, she and her fianc (Wayne Ratay) are drawn into his mysterious world of death. While the wooden acting by the supporting cast provides the expected pleasures, it's Sager's brilliantly goony style and bonkers delight he brings to fondling women's bloody guts that gives Wizard of Gore its real appeal. Complete with a crazy twist at the end (a la Bad Girls Go to Hell), Wizard of Gore is the movie my 12 year old self wished he would have seen on my local cable access channel's Fright Fest.

bob t (ag) wrote: Classic action. You can't go wrong when Swayze, Travis and Meat Loaf get together! This movie defines a genre.m,;l\]l.;[