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Graffiti torrent reviews

David C (au) wrote: I'm Colombian and I remember when I saw on the TV news about this act of barbarity done by FARC guerrilla some years ago. I didn't know a movie was made about this real-life crime, and it really impressed me. To tell a story in a film with a single take along nearly one hour and a half is praiseworthy; there are no monotonuos moments because the camera movement is dynamic. Despite these some bad reviews on this app, PVC-! is quite a dramatic slice-of-life film of the Colombian violence and crime problems that this country has suffered for many years.

Amangeldi D (ag) wrote: the dumbest movie ever seen.. chaos is way better than this crap..

Anna B (gb) wrote: Rides that very fine line between silly and captivating; depending on your reaction to the opening (and pivotal) scene, it could go either way. I liked it, but found what happened after the first act a little hard to swallow. That opening scene is really extraordinary, and the whole thing is rich for interpretation, Jed being the atheists' guilt. Or whatever.

Jorban J (fr) wrote: Hilarious, thought-provoking, and sweet. Just like The Book of Mormon, it's less about making fun of a religion and more about pointing out the difference between theoretical and empirical theology (and being disappointed when things don't go as planned).

M C (de) wrote: Duplex is very funny and enjoyably dark, but the plot is sometimes uneven. 65/100

Markkyle R (kr) wrote: The best scream ever

Scott R (gb) wrote: My favorite were the ghosts ??

Emod L (kr) wrote: 30%Boring and unfocused, I Am Number Four suffers from illogical plotting and uneven pacing.VARITABLE: 45%

Patrick T (mx) wrote: Trust me, see the director's cut before you dismiss this one.

Ahmed M (kr) wrote: This movie is only good if you go with literally zero expectations, and if you are a child.

Paul D (it) wrote: Interested sci-fi which is a little ragged around its edges, but carries off a strangely alluring time-travel fantasy.

Marat P (kr) wrote: A fierce B-movie, with some great scenes and some laughable ones (that are still a lot of fun). Though the storyline is pretty lame.