The widowed Chief Minister Jagdish Acharya lives an opulent lifestyle along with his daughter, Sunita and son, Sanjay. One day he gets a phone call from the Police Commissioner informing him that a woman has filed a FIR of rape against Sanjay

Widowed Chief Minister Jagdish Acharya lives a wealthy lifestyle along with his daughter, Sunita and son, Sanjay. One day he gets a phone call from the Police Commissioner, informing him ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Grahan torrent reviews

James C (au) wrote: Formulaic as they come, but hey, I got my yucks.

Ricardo J (it) wrote: Didn't enjoy this one at all. Rather spend your time and money on something else. So poor, I know why the dog ran away

Rosbel G (fr) wrote: This movie was hilarious and action packed... They did a good job considering they filmed it in 2 months with only 80 people... It was awesome but would have made it better of out was a real true story lol... At times cheesy but that's was intentional ;)

Gregory C (ca) wrote: interesting document of a serial killers state of mind facing execution. however, nick broomfield is a self-satisfied, star-fucking, toolbag. i'm convinced he makes documentaries only to hear his own voice in them.

Victoria V (br) wrote: This movie is overtly and unabashedly about booty. It is 100% silly and unashamed in its worship of the callipygean female form. The script is better than softcore porn, but it's certainly by no means a "thinker!" All of the nudity in this movie is of course extremely gorgeous, being an Italian film and all. The outfits, on the other hand, are A-1 top-notch nonsense.

Benjamin L (kr) wrote: Good fun!!!! Funny! Funny! Funny! I could believe the rating from the critics! But then again most critics hate movies like this, you know, the kind that make you laugh. It's a slapstick comedy, not a drama! For a comedy, it's a great movie! You won't be disappointed!

w k (ag) wrote: Its a Chevy Chase movie what more do you need to know

Michael K (us) wrote: This is a great addition to any horror movie fan's library. Terrifying and surreal, it's a haunted house flick that will make you think twice before renting someone's home. Directed by Dan Curtis, more well known for his work on the TV series Dark Shadows, gets a lot from his special effects budget and top notch actors.

Sudhir R (mx) wrote: This is truly a Ballad. The story starts with a shot which make us feel it will reach a negative end, followed by a war field post which its all like a pleasant breeze and a journey collecting a bunch of memories which will have its taste even after many years for the Soldier. Good screenplay and back ground score, never makes you feel draggy. A very decent and pleasant movie

ManIsh A (mx) wrote: Though the leads try to give their best, nothing else works. The story is as generic as it gets and filled with cliches.

xGary X (ru) wrote: A tackily directed 70s forerunner to the likes of Basic Instinct, this overly melodramatic tale of a burnt out secret agent who recieves a calling card from a serial killer is often unconvincing, and often just plain silly.