Grand Festival

Grand Festival

A film festival is organized in a remote Indian village to save a suicidal film maker.

A film festival is organized in a remote Indian village to save a suicidal film maker. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Grand Festival torrent reviews

Rodney S (es) wrote: Another low budget movie with a million lost opportunities. solid cast with wasted talent. Only thing that made it somewhat painless is that Alice Eve has plenty of camera time! 2 Stars!

Pascal D (au) wrote: Ce Ryo port l'cran est un amateur, un euphmisme, un ersatz d'occasion, un torchon dlav, une scandaleuse doublure, un ursupateur du dimanche, une insulte de maternelle... qui se bat et se dbat dans un scnario infidle au manga.

nahian a (gb) wrote: My favorite Kung Fu movie right now :) love the choreography, camera angles, and SFX. Actings great too :) this movie have some of my favorite martial artist :)

Christopher D (ag) wrote: I don't get why so many people hate this movie. It's hilarious!

Esdras N (it) wrote: Una de mis peliculas favoritas, la recomiendo mucho

Alex M (fr) wrote: certainly not the terrible mess that critics and audiences called it back then...but it does have its flaws and shortcomings. geena davis has certainly done better, but it's an interesting change for her to play such a touch heroine chick that can kick your ass. makes me think a precursor to milla jovovich, her relationship with at the time director, Renny Harlin- draws many parallels to milla's/anderson's resident evil movies. i also can't believe geena davis agreed to have a random pirate grope her boobs for like 5 seconds. that was sorta weird, considering this is classified as a "kids family movie." anywhoo, the movie is fun with plenty of interesting action bits and funny moments. i've seen that pirates of the caribbean(at least the black pearl) draws HEAVILY on the elements from this movie(and you can't just say "oh its pirate tropes though). seeing geena davis trying to boss the pirates around and be tough actually looks silly really, and having her go head to head with dawg was rather silly. girl on guy is always going to result in one being stronger than the other. frank langella was cheesy as the villain, but he did have a FEW good moments where he was a real snarky bastard, which was entertaining. and the final showdown between him and geena was interesting, i really liked the photography of the fire fight in the ship near the end.

Facebook U (gb) wrote: The themes of life and its value, not just in humans but in nature, can't help but give everyone who watches a feeling of joy. While one might assume beaming the crew of the Enterprise to then modern day earth could lead to some cheesy jokes, the comedy manages to feel natural and...well, funny! Fantastic soundtrack too!

Jason H (gb) wrote: BAD BAD & BAD sorry al this was so boooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrring... This is a movie to put on if you wanna get a good cat nap..

Peter H (ag) wrote: Amazingly beautiful film by De Sica which explores the friendship between two boys and the ways in which this friendship is slowly destroyed by society.

Steve G (fr) wrote: A graphic depiction of the life of a low social class, the Maori (New Zealand), akin to the Indians in the US or the Aboriginals in Australia. Portrayed is their struggle with a violent father, drugs, alcohol and abuse. It's an interesting movie, unfortunately with a storyline and dialogues that could've been a lot better.