Grand Masti

Grand Masti

Amar, Prem and Meet are longtime friends who have gone through every phase of growing up together and are now bored of their insipid married lives. To add a little spice to their lives they plan a wild adventure at their college reunion! When fun turns into something more insidious and deceitful, they find themselves being led astray and right into a seductive web of danger. Packed with innuendo and double meaning, this is an adult comedy based on a strong undertone of sex.

Meet, Prem, and Amar look to have a blast at their college reunion, though they soon find themselves in another predicament. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paschalia T (nl) wrote: Very interesting as a story, but it could be better be made into a documentary, it doesn't really convince you as a feature film...

Eliabeth R (jp) wrote: Historia ruda, cruel, despiadada y muy realista en la cual un amor puro y sincero se convierte en algo maligno, algunas partes un poco difciles de entender sin embargo la muerte, la revancha y el amor estn distribuidos por igual a lo largo de la trama, recomendable

Buggy B (de) wrote: I was living just outside the town (Squamish BC), where these events actually took place and I remember it well. The story was in the news for ages, such a tragedy on all accounts. On the TV movie side of things, it was interesting to see here how they changed certain facts (the location, mention of Heisman trophy prospect) to make this more "Hollywood" or excepted by American audiences, I guess. Sadly this is a story that could happen anywhere so that's irrelevant. So Squamish becomes Washington State yet is filmed in Victoria. Anyways its a pretty good Lifetime movie, Kim Raver is convincing as the widow and I liked how they slowly reveled what happened to her husband. The final scene with the teens confession is well done.04.13

Loly L (kr) wrote: And behind all conspiracy theories ... there are just gangs. :)

Hytham E (gb) wrote: The film confuses documentary and fiction in many scenes and I personally love this technique reflecting the reality of life in Tehran today.

Barbara C (jp) wrote: I enjoyed this. The characters are compelling and the actors relate well to each other. The blackouts to show the passage of time annoyed me as did the quick resolution after the resolution (two endings really.) When McInnes shaves 3/4 way through the movie, I'm not sure I paid attention to the story much after. Both actors carry the movie on sheer beauty alone.

Samantha B (de) wrote: "I think it's like a lovable quirk that Paul's mentally retarded"

Ingela A (br) wrote: An amazing film about a nomadic family in Mongolia having trouble for a camel who after a painful birth won't accept her little baby camel If you haven't seen it- do so ! It's an amazing story and SO different from any other film I've seen

David F (ag) wrote: When a big city newspaper columnist heads to small town America looking into a story about a woman who's left a lot of men at the altar, look out! It's pretty superficial and I like Gere and Roberts but their talents are almost totally wasted here. If it merely failed to say anything interesting about the institution of marriage I could forgive it, but it also failed to entertain me, and for that, I cannot.

Ali S (gb) wrote: Well, Keanu does it again! He delivers yet another performance completely void of all emotion. Feeling Minnesota is one of the most easy to forget films that you'll ever watch. It's got characters that you really don't care about, a love story that's not the least bit convincing, and a plot that plays out like a short story written by a third grader for language arts class. And the bright red cherry on top of this melted sundae is . . . Keanu Reeves. If you still want to watch it, don't say you weren't warned.

Catherine R (gb) wrote: I hate it! But that doesn't make it a bad picture... Buttgereit takes A LOT from Cronenberg's biological horror, mixed with sexual pervertion and creates images that would make even Lucio Fulci vomit. I don't know if it's a bad film or a good film or an exploitation film or a cult masterpiece or all of the above, because sometimes it looks too good and some other times you just can't stand it. But you can't deny the fact that it's a rather impressive vision of a madman's mind.

Paul D (au) wrote: This movie has not aged very well, however, it still has several moments that still make me laugh. Decent enough 80's film, but not overly great.

Jeff B (jp) wrote: Decent British thriller about news reporter Gabriel Byrne who finds out about a cover-up involving the British parliament, the KGB, and the American government. It??s a bit confusing (even more confusing if you weren??t really paying attention for the first part of the film, like myself), but it picks up as the film progresses. Nice suspenseful moments from time to time, such as the scene in the elevator shaft. A pretty decent ensemble, the score is good (though extremely 80s) and the sound is excellent.

Ted W (ru) wrote: Dumb and stupid wolf movie. It's not scary or funny, it's just dumb. Michael j foxes worst movie ever. Terrible movie. Supposed to be a Halloween classic for the ages but its probably the worst Halloween movie ever!

Abdulkader A (ru) wrote: A musical and nothing more, one song ends and another begins with short scenes in between to join them together thus no scope to witness any acting. superb cinematography ad great to see Sanju and manshish HALF the size they are today. that deserves the 2 stars.lame story, lame dialoges and lame everything else. BUT DO WATCH IT ON DVD IF YOU CAN worth the breathtaking cinematography, otherwise a TOTAL DRAG!