Grande Ecole

Grande Ecole

Paul and Agnes have been going out for quite a while and Agnes is shocked to learn that he'd rather live with two roommates on campus than move in with her. As soon as he meets one of his ...

A college student feels attracted to his new roomate, which makes his girlfriend jealous. The couple decide to compete to see who can seduce and bed that young aristocrat. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Buggy B (es) wrote: A decent enough action movie, although nothing original and also completely forgettable. It's along the lines of Diehard or Speed, filled with stunts and chases as our cop hero (John Cena) is forced to complete a series of "tasks" in order to save his fiance from being murdered by an escaped criminal looking for revenge. Some of the "tasks" are pretty good as Cena tries to stop a runaway streetcar, is dangled from a building, escapes a falling elevator and jumps from a helicopter into a pool. I enjoy him in these action roles and while as a whole this is a way better movie than The Marine, I still preferred that one because it was OTT fun and had a high cheese factor. I also found myself thinking how hard it must be to find a suitable stuntman for Cena because he is so freakishly huge. The ending did make me smile "Helicopter exploded no big deal "About the house" and I enjoyed the dog here too. 9/13/14

Kath M (gb) wrote: Predictable, but with some nice twists. Very much like Role Models, without the raunch.(Role Models rocks, for 16 and up)

Joanof A (nl) wrote: sexy aliens.. thats the good thing! and guess what aliens do fall in love =D so sweet! its not scary at all. great story love this one.. just watch it and expect more nudity and sexual situations, love the soundtrack. it really fits. this film is really my cup of tea.

Lee H (ag) wrote: This is one fantastic war movie for its realism, depth, and acting. Mel Gibson excels in another role of rough edged tough leader with a soft side and religious aspect. Some neat symbolism and occasionally outstanding cinematography accent this great film.

Daniel M (ca) wrote: As impotent and vaguely humorous as its predecessor.

Josh S (es) wrote: Wow, Crudup was unbelievably good. Acting was superb. Characters were vivid. Tension was beautiful. Cinematography was brilliant. Very moving film. Ending was lacking though.

Ron Corbett Taylor (fr) wrote: I liked this movie alot....Alot of physical comedy.

Scott C (gb) wrote: I'm actually embarrassed I've seen this.

Jonas B (gb) wrote: This movie is so good. I guess the photography, the mansion, the snowy landscape, and the girls are the perfect set for Dempsey's character development. Silly, dreamy, jealous, lost, generous and most of all lucky. I wish that was me living in that house with all those crazy beautiful girls.

Janne M (jp) wrote: Excellent movie about The Manson Family. Jeremy Davies was very impressive as Manson.

Jason U (mx) wrote: At some point, I realized Netflix (or was it Amazon?) was recommending movies to me because they were connected to Quentin Tarantino. The spaghetti western in question here was mentioned in Quentin's KILL BILL. As a matter of fact, part of the score was also stolen, and bits of the revenge story ripped off. At least Tarantino was up front about what he was doing. I guess. In DEATH RIDES A HORSE, (the more popular title for this flick,) Director Giulio Petroni (who never directed much else,) casts perennial fan favorite Lee Van Cleef in one of his first starring roles. If you don't already know... There's never been anyone in a western more believable than Van Cleef. John Phillip Law is also surprisingly good, as our other bloodthirsty revenge-seeker. I dare you to watch this one and not become invested in seeing the bad guys get what is owed them, and the friendship/rivalry between the men pursuing them.A simple story, but well-paced and plotted. At least one scene you won't soon forget. And a hell of an ending.

Sushanna M (au) wrote: almost everything important in this movie is implied so the audience has its hands full with filling in all the blanks. the cinematography is really good though and there are some palpably tense moments.

Senor C (kr) wrote: It's really hard to recognize the Bronson that I know in his first lead role but it's a good one that befits from having Roger Corman behind it. Bronson as Kelly is a two bit hood who hides behind his tommy gun playing the heavy to those he's in cahoots w/ robbing banks & kidnapping little girls & their nurses. Im sometimes wary of b/w but Machine-Gun Kelly holds interest w/ a good cast (mostly for myself being a Bronson completest & any self worthy Bronson fans should see this) & a good script w/ some insane dialogue w/ the like 'when rabbits roar you know it's bad times'..what the fuck? I guess they talked like that in the 30s. Fun drive-in.

Paul C (nl) wrote: The first major starring role for Bogey and he doesnt disappoint - but the story and script is all a little simple, leaving a forced moral message at the end which over-eggs it somewhat!

Sean S (de) wrote: I can watch this repeatedly & enjoy it more each viewing.

Jamie J (nl) wrote: such a frustrating movie so many great elements, batman,alfred,wonder woman all great.This is just a movie full of moments that because of the underwhelming script had absolutely no impact.Just a real bummer to sit through. I hope DC and Zack Snyder find their stride soon because this is just a waste of so many amazing characters.