Grands soirs & petits matins

Grands soirs & petits matins


A documentary about the French May of 1968. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carl W (fr) wrote: A whole other side to the Katrina aftermath.

Edward A (au) wrote: What a waste of 2 hours. Total nonsense. Gun sound before actually being fired and you can see Austin being hoisted up when climbing the hill. Absolute GARBAGE!

Manch F (nl) wrote: Finds inventive new ways of destroying the comics its based from.

Chris W (fr) wrote: Very, very loosely based on the work of Dante Alighieri, this is a quirky and offbeat indie road movie that would have been right at home circa 1994.The story concerns a compulsive gambler named John who tries to rid himself of his addiction by moving from Las Vegas to Albuquerque. He finds work at an auto insurance company, and finds potential romance with a smiley faced obsessed co-worker named Jill, but his old temptations make a comeback when he gets sent out to investigate a dubious car accident on the outskirts of Sin City. Along the way, John and his co-worker Virgil, and experienced fraud investigator, meet a series of colorful characters who, in their own way, help John try to fight off his demons for good.I should love this movie. It's Buscemi headlining a quirky indie that's populated by odd characters played by a host of fun character actors. I mean, we get Tim Blake Nelson as a nude militant, John Cho as a 'human torch' performer at a carnival, Emanuelle Chriqui as a paraplegic stripper, Romany Malco as Virgil, and Sarah Silverman as Jill, so how could this fail? Oh yeah, there's also Peter Dinklage as John's boss, and Danny Trejo and Aviva (Nikola from Superbad) making cameos as well. Here's how it falls short: there's no real story here. It's aimless, half-baked, and lazy. The situations make for a good set up, but the direction is lackluster, inept, and severely lacking. It doesn't do enough with the concept to really make it worth it. Plus, the shots and composition are pretty half-assed, ruining the potential for more humor and cleverness. I'd rate it lower, but Buscemi does elevate it some. It's pointless, but somehow not boring. I can't explain that. Maybe I'd like it more if it really did come out back in the 90s. At least then I'd be able to excuse it for cashing in on the zeitgeist. Since it's from 2009, I unfortunately can't be as forgiving.

Anthony M (mx) wrote: Hardly feels funny at all, but it is.

Guilherme J (nl) wrote: De vez em quando at o Joel Schumacher acerta.

Christopher A (it) wrote: Hogan gave better performances in the ring.

Frank J (de) wrote: Il n'y a pas que Midas qui savait changer le bois en or; Emir Kusturica en fait galement partie.En partant du prmice de base que Do You Remember Dolly Bell? nous expose encore une fois une histoire typiquement traditionnelle, soit celle du jeune homme manipul par la libert qui se laisse sexuellement duquer par une femme un peu plus exprimente que lui, il faut vritablement admettre que Kusturica possde un don hors-du-commun. Car mme si le scnario semble, a priori, n'tre qu'un clich, il ne faut que quelques minutes pour raliser que Kusturica lui donne une saveur qui lui soit compltement propre.L'efflorescence sensuelle qui en merge se laisse conjuguer par l'intervention d'une musique divinement compose par Zoran Simjanovic et par une mise en scne digne des plus grands films de Kusturica. La relation entre le fils et le pre ajoute galement un intrt grandissant au fur et mesure que le jeune Dino (Slavko Stimac qui allait jouer 23 ans plus tard le hros principal de Life is a miracle) se laisse percuter de plein fouet par la ralit ambiante de Sarajevo et par l'ombre communiste qui y plane au-dessus. peine termin que l'on souhaite dj le rcouter nouveau, enjoliv par cette touche mystique qui entoure encore une fois la ralisation d'un des grands hommes du cinma contemporain.Le ralisateur serbe redfinit merveille l'esthtique cinmatographique, et c'est encore peu dire mon avis.

Justin B (ag) wrote: Ok so lets take a movie that ended with little to no possibility for a sequel...and make a sequel. Ultimately an un-needed movie that really doesn't even make sense. The boat was seconds away from sinking in the first and now its still afloat...i don't get it. NO likeable characters like the first and a stupid new plot. There are also guns for some reason. While not all bad I would only recommend it to die-hard fans of the original...but even then its hard to stomach.

kyle d (jp) wrote: This is a very good Giallo directed by the brilliant Aldo Lado starring George Lazenby (James Bond; OHMSS)! A very good thriller about a father (Lazenby) searching for the person who killed his young daughter. The best part about this film is the truly amazing cinematography - practically every shot is very artistic and beautiful (especially set against the backdrop of Venice) as well as the the score which is puire genius (by Ennio Morricone) and really adds to the tense atmosphere. It has also been said that the classic 'DON'T LOOK NOW' was heavily influenced by this film; the same setting, child murdered, simular characters, the list goes on. And personally, I have no idea which one I preffered! This DVD (released by the FANTASTIC 'Shameless') is one of their best releases; again the cover is reversible and the quality is breathtaking. Although their are no real extras (besides the trailers of other Shameless releases) there are many scenes in this film which have been added in to make this the most complete and longest version of the film ever, such as the start in which a little girl is murdered in a snowy film - incredible stuff. A word of warning however; do not go into this film, expecting gratitous violence and blood EVERYWHERE! This is actually a 15 rated film (by the BBFC) but was risen to an 18 due to the trailers included. Furhturemore, I did find the middle of the film to bit a little bit on the slow side at times - but nevertheless this is a great film and fans of giallo's/ italian cinema of the 70s will LUV this film!

Tuomas R (mx) wrote: Ajankuluttama mutta ajoittain ihan ptev.

JeanPhilippe G (br) wrote: A funny and original comedy about a gangster that decides to get in touch with his feelings, Analyze This benefits from a well-written script and is boosted by a great chemistry between Robert De Nero and Billy Crystal which are a great pair to watch on-screen.

Kjetil H (us) wrote: Western/krim ombord p tog er digg.Mye action og lurendreierier her ,om toget som er p vei til bljakke fortet med medisiner,men mange har urent mel i posen ombord og andre planer for tog turen i vinterlig Rocky Mountains.Bra stuff dette,med sjef mann Bronson!!!

Andrew H (es) wrote: Worst film of the series by far. Couldn't even finish it.