The story interleaves the destinies of two families, a Serbian from Bosnia and a Hungarian, in a village on the border.

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Granica torrent reviews

Erick F (de) wrote: I wanted to like it more. It started to get better in the third act, but overall I think it fell short. I give the writer credit for making an easy concept to shoot for the production company. One location, a few actors. Only an hour and twenty minutes. That deserves credit in its own right. Interesting concept, I just think it could have had more to it. Solid concept, Ok effort.

Rafael S (kr) wrote: no exatamente o que eu esperava do to aguardado filme novo do bertolucci, mas o crescente bond entre os irmos e tocante, de uma forma bem delicada

Dave B (us) wrote: A frightening, but very powerful and thought provoking film about the issues of nuclear weaponry.

Private U (kr) wrote: A movie about nothing really, but there are some good actors Heather Graham, Elizabeth Pena, William Baldwin and mmmmm Vick Rasuk! He is my next Denzel, I will try to support all of his movies, no matter how bad! Anyways... the old couple kissing was cute, the artwork (paintings, photography) was interesting, the Chianese storyline was good, at least there was the sex scene with Rasuk and Graham... yes! And Bob's your uncle.

Mark S (it) wrote: Touching story. Slow at times but well done.

Brian S (mx) wrote: By Greg McLean, the same director who brought us the fantastic Rogue (2007), he previously released this little horror movie, which I found very good just after finishing it, but after a little while, it just found it downright bad. It's not terrible, but it's not great either. It's got a realistic look to it, it's gritty and merciless, and the special effects are actually pretty good, but it takes over 50 minutes before the blood kicks in.

Rorison M (es) wrote: Great story. Original and right from the director's heart.

Larisa L (kr) wrote: lovely, funny, sweet, sad.

Deadly V (gb) wrote: A Film Noir Masterwork - Breathtaking to the Eye and the Ear

Cain L (kr) wrote: A really great performance driven movie, and great retelling of the 2009 Bart shootout.