This unofficial Czech remake of Alexander Payne's blockbuster seriocomedy Sideways (2004) concerns Jirka and Honza, two friends who check in as complete opposites on every level; Honza is a polished urbanite, Jirka a nickel-and-dime crook with a flair for wooing women. The men's friendship is characterized by an unending series of wild schemes and escapades. When Honza learns of his grandfather's impending death, it brings him face-to-face with his own mortality and encourages him to fulfill his long-held dream, while he still has the opportunity: to embark on a dream vacation to the vineyards of Morovia, with buddy Jirka in tow.

Film about two friends who find out that you do not have to fly to sea to spend fantastic holidays. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert M (es) wrote: Don't let the radical sympathizers try to bury the truth.

Alberto A (nl) wrote: "Sound of Noise" is a punch in the stomach for all of those who believe Foreign cinema is dull. Sound of Noise is everything but boring. It is funny, witty and a delight for the ears! I really enjoyed it. Although I didn't like the ending.

Chris B (mx) wrote: This was actually pretty good.. just goes to show you how corrupt the govt really is. a must see

Katherine B (es) wrote: Deux jeunes femmes Paris, utilisent le sexe pour avancer dans une corporation. Lots de la masturbation, les lesbiennes et les scnes de sexe trois.

Robyn M (es) wrote: This is a fabulous,charming, lush remake of Alfie. Jude Law surprised me, i was expecting half decent acting and all hunky smiles accompanied by ego larger then this movie. Yes their is a ego but i could over site him for a great story board. Not award worthy as the first, It's hard to live in Michael Caine's permiscous pants. But this movie did carry me away with different wemon and their story's. I'm impressed.

Alex K (gb) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Alden S (fr) wrote: 10 out of 10:Nosferatu may be a silent film, but it still manages to be creepy with its great set design and makeup and a nice feel.

Saundra R (br) wrote: Little Buddha Movie ReviewPlot SummaryThis story begins in Tibet. This Buddhist priest (lama) sees several signs that lead him to believe that a teacher he had and adored several years ago may have been reincarnated. The lama goes from Tibet to Seattle to see if this young white boy is the same person. He meets the boy and the boy has several characteristics that the lama's teacher had. The two become friends. The lama tells the boy the story of the birth of Buddhism and also how the young prince Siddhartha who eventually began to be called Buddha. The movie goes back and forth between the search for the lama's teacher and ancient Nepal.World ReligionThis movie relates to world religion because it starts with the birth of Buddhism. Our textbook details the founder of the Buddhist dharma, a historical figure named Gautama Siddhartha. He is formally known as The Buddha. His father was King Suddhodana. The movie show how Buddha's father tried to shield him from certain unpleasant things about the world but he was curious about them so he snuck out to see what he could find out. King Suddhodana always wanted to ensure that his son would follow in his footsteps and would one day become King of the World. That's why he went great lengths to insulate his son from those troubling aspects of the world that inspired some people to abandon the worldly life for a religious calling. Siddhartha's mother died seven days after he was born. The main focal point of the contemporary part of the movie is about the search for the reincarnation of the teacher. The Buddha had radical teachings of the Dharma and they went against the prevailing beliefs of his time. An example is reincarnation. He said there was no such thing as a permanent soul or atman. . He said that he only knew what he himself had experienced and that impermance was the reality we should awaken to alleviate our suffering. This movie was interesting and made me somewhat more knowledgeable about the beginnings of Buddhism.Reference:Brodd, Jeffrey et al. Invitation to World Religions. Oxford: University Press, 2013.

Luc L (de) wrote: The worst film of its genre. Amateurish and a weak storyline.

Shane S (it) wrote: Creepy, and realistic. Very frightening. Supposedly based on true occurrences.