Grave Encounters

Grave Encounters

A crew from a paranormal reality television show lock themselves in a haunted psychiatric hospital. They search for evidence of paranormal activity as they shoot what ends up becoming their final episode.

It's a horror film with many nervous situations. A production crew locks themselves inside an abandoned mental hospital that's supposedly haunted to do their ghost hunting reality show. And it might prove to be all too true. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felicia C (es) wrote: I thought it was awesome!

Justin B (mx) wrote: There are literally entire scenes ripped directly from other movies. The Las Vegas chase scene (which is the most polished bit of action I've seen in seagal's straight-to-DVD library) was shot for a movie 10 years earlier.

Justin Lee R (au) wrote: you have to be a true horror nut to like this film!! ok then youll either hate it or love it............... Its a thums up from me....

Dan S (ca) wrote: Really enjoyable biopic of the Mad-chester scene, the nostalgia genuine and authentic, anyone with a vague interest the music scene in the UK in the 90's will enjoy the mix of laughs and drama.

Eric T (jp) wrote: Avildsen's masterppiece is bolstered by strong performances from both van Damme and Morita, and is furthermore supported by strong thematic content which makes it worth the watch.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: The side stories and characters are what keep this afloat. I just didn't find this anywhere near as fascinating as my memory served me. (great everything)

Madeline M (us) wrote: There are no villains in this movie, which makes it difficult to incorporate adversity into the plot, so what does make it in is extremely contrived. But overall, it's quite a sweet movie with a big gushy heart. Madhuri Dixit is amazing.

Adam R (fr) wrote: The praise from critics is shocking. This movie is complete trash and crosses boundaries with no purpose. (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Kyle B (es) wrote: A hilarious movie with wonderful performances from Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei. I loved the script and loved some of the supporting performances from Ralph Macchio and Fred Gwynne. 1992 was a very dry year for movies in my opinion but this is definitely up there as one of the best from that dull year.

Jonny B (gb) wrote: What more could I ask for from this atmospheric Fulci movie? A script would be nice. If you like birds on strings this film was made for you, and only you.

Mike M (de) wrote: Approached as simply an item of storytelling, "Der Golem" now looks primitive, taking almost half its duration to get going, and with only tinted Karl Freund photography of impressive medieval sets to hold the eye. Matters pick up with the invocation sequence, the emergence of the living, breathing monster itself (expressively played by co-director Wegener beneath the movies' first truly bad case of helmet hair), and his growing resentment at his status as a glorified domestic, as the planets re-align and self-interest gets the better of almost everybody; the finale offers a reverse of the "Frankenstein" template, as a young girl proves to be the death of the monster and not vice versa. It's a lesser film than those it influenced, but it would mesh nicely with "Nosferatu" and "Haxan" to demonstrate how, even back in its formative years, the European cinema was exploring a dark side such American crowdpleasers as Griffith or deMille simply wouldn't countenance.

Adam A (kr) wrote: Horrible! Apart from the acting.

Griffin R (fr) wrote: Lou Bloom may not connect with people, but he understands how to use them and the cycle of violence to his advantage perfectly.

Jarkko H (br) wrote: The Lion King is a great Disney classic.Good music mixed with the humor.The scenery is very animated and the story line goes like clockwork.The Lion King couple gets to feel the joy, laughter and sadness.