Graveyard Island

Graveyard Island

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Swedish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boat,   russian,   summer,  

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Graveyard Island torrent reviews

Marischa B (br) wrote: You'd think that with the wealth of ideas that other Children of the Corn movies have succeeded / failed with, there'd be plenty to dip into from this 'Genesis' incarnation. Sadly, the story is tortilla-thin and, as mentioned by other reviewers, goes wildly off the rails from about 30 minutes in.The action starts in a remote desert house, where the stranded couple have to spend the night with the creepy owners. Get used to this location - you'll be here for 90% of the movie. As such, it gets dull quickly. The acting is by-the-numbers and I can't give you any plot spoilers, as there is very little in the way of plot. You can guess what happens. In fact, your guesses will probably be better than the script.This is another of those films that seems to have been made by people who haven't seen any movies for the last thirty years. It offers no surprises, originality or quirks. Even if you just wanted to bask in the 'atmos' of the original CotC, it doesn't have a shred of the ambiance that the original depends on.Boo and hiss.

TylerLynn C (gb) wrote: I loved the books, so I was incredibly disappointed in this film adaption. Just awful.

Robert R (mx) wrote: Now know why they call a "Snoozer" a "Snoozer". Most boring and irrelevant movie I think I've ever seen. I would not recommend this to someone even if it were out in DVD.

Robert H (ca) wrote: So the moral is that we all gamble in every aspect of our lives and sometimes we win and sometimes we fail...that's it? Nothing enlightening about this film. Skip it.

Malasari M (ag) wrote: Rin Tin Tin, Lassie, Benji, Air Bud they are good soccer playing......amazing story......

Shawn W (br) wrote: This one should be left behind in the ruins of video arcades. Street fighting forces seek to unite halves of a powerful medallion. I just can't buy Scott Wolf as a capable street fighter. The villian looks like ESPN's Jim Rome with dyed hair.

Thomas B (mx) wrote: Didn't care for the movie that much.

Scott R (mx) wrote: An English smuggler's adventure. Not a very complicated plot, but entertaining just the same.

Keith M (us) wrote: If you are going to put Clark Gable in Africa hunting animals and banging beautiful woman in a movie, your going to need a man's man director, and nobody is more perfrect(well maybe Huston) for that task than other John Ford. When I finshed watching this I sat there for a while and thought nothing really happened, but damn I loved it. Cause really a lot is happening, and I think that is what is great about this film. It just takes you into this world and lets you just watch it unravel piece by piece.

Robert I (ru) wrote: One of the most difficult movies I've ever sat through. An action movie starring an autistic boy? This movie was too sad to check my brain at the door, heart was working over time here.

Serina W (ag) wrote: Very sexy and speaks to women on every level.