Great Rescue

Great Rescue

In 1932, as Korea is occupied by Japan, Chu Fucheng, an important figure in the city of Jiaxing, China, is asked to help in hiding exiled Korean nationalist Kim Gu.

In 1932, as Korea is occupied by Japan, Chu Fucheng, an important figure in the city of Jiaxing, China, is asked to help in hiding exiled Korean nationalist Kim Gu. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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RajanSatish P (ag) wrote: This underground mafia story sinks and touched the rock bottom of the ocean because of the terrible screen play and the major let down with John Abraham taking the lead. The movie fails to create the tension that 'Once upon a time in Mumbai' did to the audience.

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Jude L (fr) wrote: not fond of the way they kind of made it into the horror flick genre. sally field is arresting.

Nandini (es) wrote: Worth it just for Apun Bola

thehoard (de) wrote: I remember really liking this movie when I was younger. Watching it now, it's definitely a 90s movie. I don't know what that means. But those opening credits sure give off that vibe. Reminds me of the opening credits for Final Destination. I'm surprised this movie has such a low viewer rating. I mean, for better or worse, it is a by the numbers sci fi horror film. But i think it does its job nicely. Interesting and intimidating villain. Good acting. Although I guess the characters could've been better developed. I still remember as a kid being surprised that two kids get picked off in the film! Pretty crazy. But the mushy cliche of the husband surviving the explosion by jumping into the water last second was pretty lame. I guess it would've been a bit of a bummer if he did die though. But good flick. May not add up to much at this point in time but it's a fine product by del toro early in his career.

Eric H (br) wrote: Empire Records is a really fun, light movie that you could watch over and over and not get sick of! Ethan Embry (credited as Ethan Randall) is really good in it, even though it's just a supporting role, he delivers an amazing performance!

Ben L (ru) wrote: Maverick is a comedy-western about a cowardly gambler played by Mel Gibson who is on a quest to prove he is the best poker player around. It definitely has a few laugh-out-loud moments which I appreciated, and a couple of nice twists that worked well. However, there were so many twists and turns in the allegiance of all the characters that it got tiresome. The 34th time someone turns on their allies and shows where there true allegiance lies it is no longer surprising or even interesting. Another problem with Maverick is the fact that the titular hero is too perfect. They set him up as a coward, but he's an amazing gunfighter, a superb gambler, friends with everyone, and irresistible to the ladies. The character loses something for me when I'm never worried about his well-being because he can do pretty much anything. The main driving plot of the film makes sense and I always felt like I knew where it was headed, but the way things are scripted out is often strange and illogical. There wasn't a smooth narrative flow from one scene to the next, it played kind of like a bunch of little vignettes that didn't string together in a logical fashion. Yet, despite all the problems with the structure and characters, I still had a good time watching Maverick. There was just enough humor, and just enough charm in the acting that I was always able to get back into the story. It's a flawed film, so I can't really recommend it, but it also isn't one you need to actively avoid.

Kristin H (ag) wrote: I absolutly love this movie!! it makes me smile every time I see it! :D

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