Great World of Sound

Great World of Sound

When a man answers an ad to train as a record producer, he's excited by the prospect of signing undiscovered artists only to discover his new job isn't all it's cracked up to be.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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When a man answers an ad to train as a record producer, he's excited by the prospect of signing undiscovered artists only to discover his new job isn't all it's cracked up to be. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Great World of Sound torrent reviews

Zach S (mx) wrote: The plot probably covered too big of a time span so it felt rushed, but was still interesting.

Jim H (fr) wrote: A father discovers a box of tapes and joins a band which covers his dead son's songs.With a soaring, remarkable soundtrack, fantastic, touching performances by the whole cast, and an almost unmatched story, William H. Macy's directorial debut is a tour de force. The first act is a compelling story about recovery, and the second act explores the relationship between Sam, Billy Crudup's grieving father, and Quentin, Anton Yelchin's young, insecure musician, but it's the third act that turns the entire story on its head in a reveal that's both surprising and completely natural.Overall, this indie drama is incredible.

Terry G (ca) wrote: Chick flick with equally strong and neurotic male and female characters. Ensemble cast pushes this just above formulaic rom-com.

William F (fr) wrote: One of Disney's lamest ever.

Scott J (us) wrote: VERY informative documentary about the mine field that is selling a script in Hollywood.

Syed A (au) wrote: you can watch it once....nothing great about it.....

Roxanne K (nl) wrote: a curious little film that sneaks up on you and then WALLOP!it'll have you thinking about it for days after...

Nate A (au) wrote: A bizarre homage to Japanese tokukatsu (superhero) TV. Shinichi, a miserable elementary school teacher with a failed family life, finds escape in an obscure 1970s superhero, Zebraman, even going as far as to fashion his own costume. At the same time, bizarre crimes and murders are frequently reported, and Shinichi finds himself slowly gaining Zebraman's powers (complete with awesome theme song).I can see people being turned off by this, especially with Miike's reputation for more dark/violent fare (he makes plenty of lighter comedies too, but he's most famous for films like 'Ichi the Killer' and 'Audition'). I enjoyed it though, silliness and all.

Tom S (fr) wrote: Incredibly made, wonderful storytelling here each scene is done in with incredible attention to nuance of the characters, media, war, relationships etc - and the scenes flow seamlessly. I love the passion people have for their occupations, this is a great example of dedicated journalism against the odds. Keaton and Bonham Carter, along with a strong supporting cast deliver a well written, well shot script. Bonham Carter is a beautiful and wonderful talent - I wish she did more films like this and keep away from Burton's characterizations for a while.

Al P (jp) wrote: How can you be married ? When you are a victim of people that are against you?

Jason L (br) wrote: Quite possibly the greatest breasts in movie history.

jordan c (us) wrote: I hate this movie. it ruined my life

Sameer K (kr) wrote: I'm sure this film was a lot better in its time, and it is pretty good for about 3/4 of the way. But the third act in particular is pretty bad. And the romance aspect of the movie has that typical "stalking-leads-to-love" thing that a lot of older movies have. What just bugged me the most was that the entire thing was for naught. I hate movies where we're drawn in, a character is drawn in, and the story is revealed to be about absolutely nothing. Huge conspiracy thriller about a dude who's....afraid someone might steal his stash; nothing more. Wow. Reminds me of Mystic River, which was similarly a movie built around absolutely nothing. Oh, and the sheer amount of diamonds? That was borderline comical.

Randy T (es) wrote: Not as high on my list of favorites as it used to be. Tonino Valerii's tongue-in-cheek Spaghetti-Western has taken a beating at the hands of father time, though the homage to Sergio Leone and Sam Peckinpah is still undeniably apparent.

Rebecca M (es) wrote: Probably would never have watched, but my sister bought it for me. Pretty good.

Quentin C (kr) wrote: Hahaha very funny horror movie. Even worse than the version Tim Burton made of it in his movie Ed Wood. But it's worth being seen once.

Dave S (kr) wrote: Almost immediately better than the first in just about every way - the leads are drunker and funnier, the mystery part is darker and easier to follow, and even giving Asta more screen time turned out to be a good decision.

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Would like to get round to watching.

Kenny N (gb) wrote: I'll watch Michael Douglas in anything, but this is one I wished I'd skipped. The late Brittany Murphy plays a character who has the special Hollywood brand of mental illness that is wildly inconsistent and not connected to any real syndrome or affliction, but ultimately looks really good on camera. Spoiler warning: the subplot with the police detective is one of the most pointless wastes of plotline in a movie that I think I've ever seen.

joseph h (it) wrote: Despite touching upon important issues, it feels like the truth has been sugar coated and at times reduced to cliches. Thankfully the cast somewhat overcomes this even if their characters stories feel overly stylized and underdeveloped.