Green Grass of Wyoming

Green Grass of Wyoming

The romance of a rancher's (Charles Coburn) niece (Peggy Cummins) and a rival rancher's son (Robert Arthur) parallels that of a stallion and a mare.

"Thunderhead," a roving, big white stallion, causes problems for the Wyoming ranchers when he leads their blue-blooded racing mares off to join his wild horse herd in the mountains. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Methusalah B (au) wrote: It sucks - just like Barry

Kimmie O (it) wrote: WowDid not see that ending coming?

Kris V (es) wrote: Somewhat a-typical Michael Haneke movie, which is in fact a direct translation of an unfinished manuscript by Franz Kafka, and the director kept every sudden cut and left the movie as unfinished as the original writings. An interesting and surreal experiment in cinema.

Dave B (gb) wrote: We've got the cliched redneck border patrol, ineffective old sheriff, and the hot damsel. There's a final shootout scene where the two good guys crouch with no cover and shoot two dozen men, without being fatally wounded themselves. Nice camera work gents, you've successfully hidden the view that shows they were 12 feet apart. I didn't notice that suddenly all the scenes became close-ups, not at all. But I did notice the bad guys were shuffling awfully slow for a shoot out. And what was with the hints at supernatural powers? Dreck, all around dreck.

Curtis R (us) wrote: highly unrated. It tells the story of Dracula learning to let his daughter go. It's basically the little Mermaid. The difference, however, is that the focus here is Dracula which makes up for all the faults with the Little Mermaid which was insufferable from a story perspective. and unlike 8 crazy nights, the fast paced animation matches the tone of the movie perfectly which is something it has over Eight Crazy Nights. It's a monster mash and should be watched every Halloween.