Green Guys

Green Guys

Four young con artists start a top-secret money laundering scheme - and are slowly torn apart by their own greed and corruption.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:investment,   scheme,   money,  

Four young con artists start a top-secret money laundering scheme - and are slowly torn apart by their own greed and corruption. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin J (ca) wrote: B-An incredibly creepy set up, with a lackluster payoff. I really started to love this movie, it was weird, mysterious, and super creepy. The first hour and 15 minutes were solid, filled with dread and suspense, and even some humor, I just wished the ending was wasn't so abrupt and really weird. So the film follows this couple, a young college girl, and a big guy who lives with his mom. Each winning a "prize" which was a camera with instructions that told them to film everything, and then the film becomes one big game of find and complete the clues with lots of scary scenes. I just wish I understood the ending better and maybe I would have enjoyed the entire film. Definitely worth a watch just be ready for the ending.

Exeiviar Q (fr) wrote: Arriba la Echegui!!... y el Luna fresco como nunca.

Mark S (jp) wrote: Recommended by Mabel.

Tom S (au) wrote: Some say it's Kitano's best film, and it's not hard to see why: Rarely will you find a "yakuza film" with such daring, willing to see them as something other than gangsters in order to expose to true cost of greed.

Geoffrey W (ru) wrote: a little ova played and far feched, but enjoyable all the same 3 out of 5

Ola G (mx) wrote: In the 23rd century, Earth has become a space-faring federation. While colonizing new planets, humans have encountered an insectoid species known as Arachnids or "Bugs", with their home being the distant world Klendathu. The bugs appear to be little more than killing machines, though there are suggestions that they were provoked by the intrusion of humans into their habitats. In the federation, citizenship is a privilege earned by serving through such activities as military service, granting them opportunities prohibited to basic civilians. John "Johnny" Rico (Casper Van Dien), his girlfriend Carmen Ibanez (Denise Richards) and best friend Carl Jenkins (Neil Patrick Harris) attend high school in Buenos Aires. Fellow student Isabel "Dizzy" Flores (Dina Meyer) is in love with Rico, but he does not reciprocate. They enlist in the Federal Service after graduation. Carmen becomes a spaceship pilot assigned to the Rodger Young, while psychically gifted Carl joins Military Intelligence. Rico enlists in the Mobile Infantry expecting to be with Carmen, but is surprised to find Dizzy, who wanted to be near him. At Mobile Infantry training, brutal Career Sgt. Zim (Clancy Brown) leads the recruits. Rico is promoted to squad leader and befriends Ace Levy (Jake Busey). He later receives a Dear John letter from Carmen, as she desires a career with the fleet and serves under Rico's high school sports rival, Zander Barcalow (Patrick Muldoon). After a live-fire training incident that kills one of Rico's squad, he is demoted and flogged. He resigns and calls his parents, but the call is cut off when an asteroid, launched by the Arachnids, obliterates Buenos Aires, killing his family and millions more. Rico rescinds his resignation and remains with the Infantry as an invasion force is deployed to Klendathu...Roger Ebert, who had praised the "pointed social satire" of Verhoeven's Robocop, found the film "one-dimensional," a trivial nothing "pitched at 11-year-old science-fiction fans." I personally didnt like "Starship Troopers" when it came out and now when I gave it another chance my opinion hasnt changed. The problem here is that Paul Verhoeven doesnt manage to make this work satire wise, production wise nor value wise. Its such a b-movie with mediocre acting, bad green screen set ups, bad CGI and classic over the top Verhoeven goriness and I am not sure if that was the main point in Verhoevens head, but to me that is as failure as the script has interesting anti right-wing militarism and anti-violence angles, however everything falls to pieces as Verhoeven has put mediocre actors and actresses in the main roles and the so called satire only becomes cheesy and bad compared to "Robocop" and the interesting main plot ends up in the background due to the bad handling of the material. I simply dont like the result and I believe it couldve been so much better.

oneil p (ru) wrote: definitely need to watch............