Green Mansions

Green Mansions

A young Venezuelan idealist flees his native land to escape a revolution. Hoping to find peace, he goes to the mountains and the forests of the Amazon. There he encounters Rima, the Bird Girl, an orphan living a life of nature. It is all an admirable romance telling a tale of "quest, love, and violence."

A young man in the jungles of Venezuela meets a strange girl of the forest and falls in love with her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marischa B (es) wrote: I must agree with the first two reviews, and wonder about the validity of the 9-star reviews. What movie were they watching? The first few minutes looked pretty good. Stylish. Understated. Might be on to something, I thought. It's always lovely to be pleasantly surprised.Not long after though, this film pooped the bed, and made quite a mess. While a couple of the characters were indeed acted really well, the rest were borderline comical. And the accents on many of these actors took it past borderline into full-blown unintentional comedy.Turns out this is a first-time director, no surprise there. Like so unfortunately often, he's apparently trying so damn hard to emulate the "big boys" and the films which clearly inspired him, that the film suffers. Why create, when you can emulate? In this case, it's a rather poor and very "studenty" emulation throughout a lot of it. Some of the scenes were painful to watch, and the foul smell of student-project was overpowering. But in its defense, other times were almost very decent.This director/writer (who we get to see named just milliseconds after the final scene, blasted onto the screen accompanied by a loud and dramatic musical cue, in a move that can easily be called ego-maniacal) gives the impression he hasn't finished cooking. Maybe in the future he'll try something less predictable, with more believable twists (BOY are they silly), and try to create something that will stand the test of time.Also, what an odd casting choice for the girl. Her massive and swollen upper lip dominated every scene she was in. Not saying she's had work done, but it was the first thing you noticed about her, and after that you are marveling at how it appears she's recovering from aggravated lip trauma, instead of enjoying the film.

Ari A (nl) wrote: Really great documentary, but I wish it had been more involved and discussed more films.

Laura D (gb) wrote: My daughter likes this movie

Kevin M W (ag) wrote: An short old man wryly recalls his days of short wily youth when he dreamed of making the big time come hell or high water, only there was that damn war standing in his way ... World War ll, dammit. Set mainly in Prague, the Paris of Eastern Europe, this comic tale of accidentally acquiring wisdom while actually trying to acquire wealth doesn't take itself too seriously and there's plenty of beauty to while that wisdom acquisition time away. Loved it, but its not for the kiddies though.

Niral G (ag) wrote: Watch the song video and skip the rest of the movie.

Penelope B (kr) wrote: I loved this movie..funny, outrageous and well written.

Fernando C (ag) wrote: the best zombie film Ive ever seen

Zahra T (nl) wrote: I'd rate it higher if Gary Cooper wasn't so creepy in this.

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Jeremy S (kr) wrote: Decent watch, but found myself becoming more and more irritated with the brother/sister duo. I know how it goes in horror flicks, but rarely do I feel like slapping both...

Andrew A (ru) wrote: very very very poor remake of a 70s classic.. the only thing i enjoyed about this film was the comical wire twing sound effect during the night vision bike chase.

Chris H (ca) wrote: Fascinating documentary on Whitey Bulger.

Conrad K (ag) wrote: Pretty good Indie movie.Good casting.

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