Green Street Hooligans 2

Green Street Hooligans 2

When the top players of the Green Street Elite are imprisoned following a deadly battle with their archenemies Millwall every day becomes a fight for survival. On the inside, rival firms and prison guards will stop at nothing to make their lives a living hell, leaving the lads with no choice but to stand their ground and fight. Find out what happens when the two most fearsome and notorious firms

Following the deadly climax of "Green Street Hooligans," several members of the West Ham firm and numerous members of Millwall end up in jail. The GSE quickly discover the brutality of life... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Green Street Hooligans 2 torrent reviews

Rini N (br) wrote: One of the most impressive movies based on true story. Favorite scene: a nurse room that's pretty messy. And when JB sold his luxurious car

Adam F (gb) wrote: While "Death Race 2" isn't a very ambitious or great film, it's entertaining enough and if you're a fan of the franchise it's worth a watch. The film has a lot of problems and those problems are further hindered by the fact that there is no racing in the film for the first hour so the title is actually very deceptive (never mind the fact that this is actually a prequel to "Death Race", not a sequel). When we do see racing, it is very poorly shot, edited frantically to the point where you'll be struggling to figure out what exactly is going on. As with the first instalment, all of the cars are all painted in greys and metallic colours and are very hard to differentiate but they are based on different, distinct models so it's an improvement in that sense. The protagonist is generic, the love plot is boring and totally unnecessary but the movie is entertaining when things are exploding and when it is focussed on the side characters. The movie does move more towards the camp factor, with some funny characters and that is definitely an improvement but it feels more like a cash grab than an exploration into the mythology and history of the series. If you really liked the first one though, as a straight-to-Dvd action flick you'll have some fun. In the end it's mildly entertaining but if your first thoughts are "why would I want to see this?" then you're better off staying away. (Unrated version on Blu-ray, January 25, 2013)

GM W (ru) wrote: A good Syfy original movie, but still low key, low budget Sci-Fi disaster.

Christopher W (it) wrote: This was a very good movie. Interesting to see how complex and complicated life can be w/ Asperger's. Harnett and Mitchell are great!

Denise A (jp) wrote: A real good movie. Lots of laughs.

Kyle M (fr) wrote: Allen's return and the animation are the main highlights along with few other appeals, but even though one of the most favorable "Toy Story" characters gets his own adventure of his backstory, it doesn't reach up to the heights of the toy box adventures when there are silliness and being more childish. (B)

Luke W (it) wrote: Great performances by Steenburgen, Coyote and Torn, along with some beautiful cinematography make this biopic an interesting experience, even if you have never read any of Rawlings' work.

madison h (br) wrote: totally want to see this

Steve R (fr) wrote: Mildly interesting for fans of the UFO TV series, since it re-used a lot of the props, costumes and even actors! This film is OK but just a bit slow and unexciting.

Yuri R (us) wrote: If you love Kaiju films you will love this one. The new monster, Ebirah, is fresh. So is the South Seas location.

jen m (jp) wrote: woooow really man, this looks creepy.

Trouble B (jp) wrote: Endearing and clever.

Otto T (br) wrote: I like this movie, I hate this movie, I love this movie, this movie is pissing me off.... repeat for the full run time.