King Higlack of the Gauths entrusts prince Finn and a fire ball weapon to his champion, slayer Beowulf. They lead twelve men on a mission to help king Hrothgar of the Danes, whose once ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Grendel torrent reviews

Khaled M (nl) wrote: Am in a bad movie streak, god help.

Meredith W (us) wrote: "Any Questions for Ben" is essentially the story of a narcissistic rich boy complaining about his almost perfect life and how hard it is. Such a pity for a movie of such potential given its cavalcade of Australian comic stars (kudos to Jane Kennedy for her casting of the production.)

Nicholas W (us) wrote: Pretty bad, although I forced myself to finish it.

Jayakrishnan R (mx) wrote: 44%If not for the tits in the movie, it would have been as awful as it's sequel, but still the sadistic violence and gore isn't entertaining. One's got to love Kelly Brook's tits though.

Crista T (ru) wrote: Future Movie night rental.

Kanwal B (ru) wrote: Simple yet touching. A Brilliant Movie. Ajay Devgan has always been a good actor but Aishwarya rocks as an actress in this movie.

Danny S (nl) wrote: An average Van Damme flick. Even though it's not nearly 2 hours long, it feels as if the plot takes forever, but there are enough action set pieces to keep you watching and the special effects aren't bad either.

Allison K (ag) wrote: Loved this dolphins....can't wait to see Harry Connick Jr...Kris Kristofferson, Ashley Judd..!!!..

Allison G (ca) wrote: I don't care- I liked this movie.