Gretchen Road Movie

Gretchen Road Movie

The journey of a 80's Brazilian failed singer/performer when she decides it's time for a change of career and makes a bid to become a political figure in her hometown, the Itamarac√° island.

The journey of a 80's Brazilian failed singer/performer when she decides it's time for a change of career and makes a bid to become a political figure in her hometown, the Itamarac√° island. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Becky B (nl) wrote: Terrible. Mind you, I can't stand Demi Lovato.

Emily A (ru) wrote: has its rare moments but overall it just didn't do it for me. It's a mediocre film, the definition of okay. half the jokes fall flat and then theres more of a serious undertone. they almost juggle both parts a bit too much, not very well integrated at times. The story overall does draw you in somewhat but its too slow and the storyline and the actors roles were less than expected. the cast has so much more potential than this

Tjahane H (kr) wrote: This is my movie...has my four favorite people in it...Janet Jackson, Maya Angelou, Tupac, and Regina King

Richard W (de) wrote: A movie that deserves to be on everybody's top ten action movies.

maclud m (mx) wrote: this is ..a "MUST SEE" .. if you re open minded enough. It sure can be a lil disturbing at times (not recommanding watching this if you re under 18 or having dinner...) but definately worth a watch if you like Cinema with a big C (unfortunatly I ve never watch it in theatre tho). The b&w picture looks great, good lights, good story like in those old ones from the 50s.. the director is playing with our nerves all the time... and the 2 actresses are really wonderful.. Id like to see movies like this more often!!!

Ahmed S (ca) wrote: come and see by yourself

Ryan G (es) wrote: Nothing special at all.

Alex r (us) wrote: wayyy to over the top and ridiculous. another crazy family flick but this time they went to far to try to be wayyy to silly. not to mention the movie ends way to suddenly and is only 70 minutes long

Brett H (es) wrote: Captain Phillips is a pulse-pounding thriller, based on the true story of the hijacking that took place in 2009, when four Somali pirates boarded an American cargo ship captained by Richard Phillips; who then took him hostage. The incomparable Tom Hanks stars as the aforementioned captain, and his engaging, determined performance helps sell the peril him and his crew are going through and you simply can't take your eyes off of him when he's given his moments to shine! The actors who play the pirates all make their film debut here and literally steal the show from Hanks in their terrifying portrayals of desperate, impoverished men who are forced into a life of crime due to their country's economic status. Barkhad Abdi plays the leader of this group of pirates in a break-out performance that commands your attention and the fact that he can go toe-to-toe with Tom Hanks in his very first film, is saying something indeed. The first half is a tense, close-quarters, siege-film with clever use of close-angles, and believable team-work between Captain Phillips and his crew trying to best their attackers. The second half is a hostage situation with Phillips being taken off of his ship and into a claustrophobic lifeboat among the vile pirates. This truly is an exceptional film, directed masterfully by Paul Greengrass and though it may have stretched the facts a tad, it holds nothing back in entertainment value and I was thrilled throughout!

Jon P (nl) wrote: Full of watery blood, disintegrating faces and eye-gauging goofiness, this Lucio Fulci favourite is a sloppy reminder of the bygone days of old B-movie gore. In typical Fulci fashion, the movie makes no sense whatsoever, and is watchable solely for its second rate special effects and nothing more. In fact, on a technical level, The Beyond is abysmal, loaded with garish double (and sometimes treble) takes, wandering frames and a soundtrack which quite frankly has a mind of its own. Redeeming factors lie in slightly superior dubbing to your average Fulci feature, genuine ickiness and an embarrassing face-chewing spider sequence that can only be described as a must-see scene. Ridiculous rubber-limbed fun.