Grey Matters

Grey Matters

A young man suffering from Vietnam flashbacks of the destruction of a hut discovers that one of the men from his platoon is trying to kill him.

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  • Country:USA
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A young man suffering from Vietnam flashbacks of the destruction of a hut discovers that one of the men from his platoon is trying to kill him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Grey Matters torrent reviews

Mark S (de) wrote: Everyone HAS to love this Movie,

Adam P (au) wrote: Pat Healy stole the show in Undertow. Now he gets a great role and does an amazing job. the girl singing Joanna Newsom was amazing. I really enjoyed this on a lot of levels.

Vanessa O (br) wrote: what a crazy cast of characters! fun to watch as arau's direction is interesting. very strange but also creepy.

Akbar K (ca) wrote: was pretty young when i saw this movie,,, liked it back then and still do...excellent acting by shahrukh khan

Gordon B (ca) wrote: Lighthearted series of amusing anecdotes about how radio impacted a bygone era. Its a great film to watch on a Sunday afternoon.

Greg W (fr) wrote: technicolor plus outside location shooting make this part 1 of the samurai trilogy

Tuesday W (nl) wrote: This is seriously one of the worst films I've ever seen. The script is ridiculous and the director is just crap. One of the scenes I'll always remember is the girls hiding in a dumpster.. the camera basically focused on them for what felt like 5 mins in the dark with nothing happening.

Nollaig K (it) wrote: terrible film, nothing to recommend it suppose it was controversial back in it's day

Thomas D (ag) wrote: 'Razorback', a movie about a giant, killer boar that storms the Australian Outback for blood! The special effects for the giant boar were decent. It is always shown in dark scenes, so it makes it look pretty real. The plot was so, so. It starts with an old man named Jake, one night a gigantic razorback boar smashes through the wall of his house and takes and devours the man's two year old child. The old man devotes his life to hunting down the beast and slaying it. An animal rights activist comes to the outback to do research on endangered kangaroo's and ends up getting killed by the giant boar! Yes, the boar is a blood-thirsty abomination that must be stopped! Anyways, her husband follows her to Australia to figure out what happened to her, only to eventually confront the evil 'Razorback' in a show down to the death. -Overall, 'Razorback' was a well made horror film. It had a lot of interesting camera angles and POV's. The characters were written just right, not too cheesy but not too in depth. The low budget didn't seem to effect the overall presentation, it actually made it really good. It was a surprisingly effective 'evil animal' movie like Jaws, Cujo, Anaconda's, etc. Definitely a good watch around Halloween.

Kevin M W (ag) wrote: For Meryl Streep fans only. And then after at least half a bottle of vino. Or a joint. Or both. Yeah, both.