Grey Souls

Grey Souls

East of France, December 1917. In a village situated close to the front but protected from it by a hillside, the body of Belle de Jour, a little girl, is found by the canal. Judge Mierck, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Howard B (nl) wrote: This seemed like a complete amateur film. Lines were bad, plot was very mediocre, filming was a bit amateur. Action scenes were largely nothing special. I don't know how Cuba Gooding Jr. decided to be in this film, but it definitely was not one of his better performances. Thumbs down in my book.

Matthew C (mx) wrote: dumbest movie i've ever seen

JeanSebastienFhotmailcom J (fr) wrote: I have this gay-filmdrama on DVD. It's an excellent multi-cultural gay-filmdrama.

Mark A (nl) wrote: Wolf Creek takes too long to get going, and even once it does it proves to be little more than a tasteless (though well-shot) torture porn

Andrew S (fr) wrote: It was okay. Didn't like the ending.

Anna Q (ca) wrote: Sean Connery as King Arthur? Sure! Julia Ormond as Gwenivere? Why not? But...Richard Gere as Lancelot? Meh.

Paul M (it) wrote: Pretty slick practical effect action from the early 90s. Honestly, as over-the-top and cheesy as it is, it's much better filmmaking than most recent B-movies. In fact, in regard to style I think The Matrix actually owes a lot to it. Feels like a combination of Terminator, Rambo, The Matrix, and Full Metal Jacket. A guilty pleasure for sure.

Scream Q (ca) wrote: A very cute movie! Things happen for a reason!!

Francisco P (jp) wrote: What a great film. From a struggling waitress to a sucessful madame running a brothel, raising her son and struggling to find the ideal of love. You must see this !

Jim H (au) wrote: A young woman enters maturity and falls for a family friend.Home of the child molester's anthem, "Thank Heaven for Little Girls," Gigi is a superbly decorated, pastel-hued showcase of art direction and set design. The only problem is that they forgot the story. What suffices as a plot is merely the cliche of male pursuit with little in the way of commentary on social graces or sexual politics, and the characters are types, conforming to the cliche in every way imaginable.Overall, pretty backgrounds do not make a good film by themselves.

Ashley H (de) wrote: Very good black and white Doctor Film. Robert Mitchum does a fine job playing dedicated doctor. He proves that he can play sensitive character as well as a cowboy or detective. Broderick Crawford was well cast as teaching Pathologist. Mr. Crawfords ability to play overbearing and intense individual suits his character quite well. Operating room and Hospital Ward scenes were well done as this is now 55 year old Movie. It remarkable how much the medical profession as advanced in innovations and equipment in little more than half century. Worth watching especially if you are Mitchum fan.

Louise B (fr) wrote: I love Sherlock Holmes movies and this one is great! The story is a lot more believable than some. Loves it!

Aidan H (es) wrote: A decent enough stab at the Hollywood action genre that, despite the inclusion of some B-list US actors, fails to captivate due to an overlong middle section and some dodgy TV movie acting. 5M's lack of atmosphere is mostly due to its dependence on bright, over-lit interiors and an overall lack of grit and even its often spectacular stunts and splosions sequences are not enough to stop the eye-lids flapping. Stars for the action bits and some nicely composed cinematography.

Ken H (us) wrote: can watch over and over again

murray g (gb) wrote: Love gangster type movies/based on true stories

Jeffrey M (us) wrote: A very funny and underrated film from 1984. Three middleaged men trying to get women enlist the help of a stud. A very funny movie with a lot of great moments.