Greyfriars Bobby

Greyfriars Bobby

This is the true story of a little dog that refused to leave his master's graveside in Edinburgh. The dog visited the grave for years.

Bobby, a brave Skye Terrier, becomes local legend when it refuses to leave his master's grave after he dies. The townsfolk feed the dog until local authorities ban strays. The kids decide to help Bobby defy the law. Based on true events. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennie H (ru) wrote: It's kind of a lot of idol worship...but it's also pretty interesting in the ways it looks at comics/art and mass media in general.

Serge L (jp) wrote: Another slasher movie. Some critics called it bland but they are jaded. Anyone sensitive can feel just scared enough. It has a reality feel. I liked the not quite linear storyline. Talking about storyline, the end explains some and confuse more. Even if we adhere to the preposterosity of it (for entertainment sake), some of the logic needs more explanation. At least, we have some originality and compexity in the denouement, which was nice. Plus, no one is quite all right and no one is all dark, even the psycho. Most characters are intelligent enough to root for. There should be more of these films. I suggest Prisoners by Villeneuve, for more depth in the captured theme. We've all been prisoners in our youth.

David U (gb) wrote: In this version of Frankenstein, he gives his monster funny contact lenses instead of neck bolts. There's a certain depth lacking, and the pace is mind-numbingly slow.

Serge L (de) wrote: Comic book story of a super Guy Fawkes giving hell to the power that be, which happens to be a sort of dictatorial funny guy preying on the population, in a futuristic england. The story is too much fantasy but Natalie is so good in it, she ankors it very well. Considering how Guy Fawkes was hated by englishes, it is surprising that a Catholic rebel could inspire so much.

Gary G (kr) wrote: Worst musical I have ever seen. It is racist, sexist and totally uncalled for. Nothing about this film resembles reality. Do Blacks really think so little of themselves?

Zachary L (kr) wrote: An interesting idea and concept, that actually makes you cringe at first until you discover the "hook." Spoilers... this is a mockumentary not a documentary as it definitely seems like at first. For that I give the film makers credit, because Adrian's character just gets more twisted as you learn of Lichi's plight until Andrew comes and "saves" her. From here on out you can understand the mockumentary aspect of it as Andrew gets drawn into the same circumstances with Lichi being almost a domestic servant with an allowance and then becoming a psycho wanting a baby. The third revenge act was a great idea with often poor execution, it it went according to the plan I think it would have played out better. Jose Canseco makes an appearance as a guest star which totally made me WTF am I watching. Overall a weird look into the Mail Order Bride industry and the results of not really knowing the person, and the objectification of women.

Amy F (fr) wrote: A runaway president's daughter, falls in love with her secret service agent. Beautiful places they go to as well, Paris, Bungee Jumping, A Love Parade ect.

Stephen Paul P (ru) wrote: not bad a bit more gore please

Sherry M (au) wrote: Pleasant enough. Reese Witherspoon did a good job.

Brenda B (br) wrote: Awesome performance by Ed Norton. This movie will have you thinking about it for days after seeing. Compelling in showing how Hate breeds more Hate. Shows how our prejudices and hate are learned behaviors and in the end makes no one feel better about their lives.

Virgilio L (mx) wrote: One of the most raw films Ive ever seen, life for the children of Brazilian slums, in many ways this movie hits harder than City of God. The real life story of the child actor is a heart breaking tragedy. Un pelicula impactante sobre la pobresa de nios en Brasil, algo que se queda en tu memoria. La historia real del protagonista es una tragedia

Tuukka P (es) wrote: Fast paced French action thriller about a male nurse forced on the run when his pregnant fiancee is kidnapped. Short running time means all the unnecessary fat has been trimmed from this quite realistic chase movie which is a nice change. A good way to spent 80 minutes.

John R (ca) wrote: 160621: A dramatic story with amazing scenery and some great western stars. Jack Palance, Ben Johnson, Elisha Cook Jr and Edgar Buchanan to name a few. The gaunt Jack Wilson (Palance) is just too cool for his own good. From his jingling gunfighter spurs to his talented horse you just know he's destined to face down the "hey, he's not-so-reserved" Shane (Alan Ladd). Now Morgan Ryker (John Dierkes), here's the true bad guy, power in the Ryker family. I'd almost swear his character was copied into Tombstone (1993). Joey (Brandon De Wilde) is as annoying as can be most of the time but you've got to love his expression when Shane (Alan Ladd) first demonstrates his shooting ability. Now that's acting! And, with his sidekick, Joey brings back memories of A Boy and His Dog (1975). The sodbuster clothing drives me crazy but I guess they're sodbusters...and I don't cotton to such. It's funny, but you almost sympathize with Rufus Ryker's (Emile Meyer) position about half way through this movie, and he truly seems to not want to resort to gunplay. But, he does, and with that, you're entertained. A decent film highlighted by many good lines and a fantastic finale.

Gavin M (jp) wrote: Definitely Tarantino's best masterpiece since Pulp Fiction. Christoph Waltz makes the whole movie. Definitely plays one of the all time best movie characters thanks to the superb Quentin Tarantino with his fabulous screenplay that only he can conjure up.

Eleanor B (jp) wrote: What a disturbing film!! Wish I could get the 2 hours back I wasted watching this. Thank goodness I spent no money, and got it from the library!!

Hunter D (it) wrote: This was a good movie but not a great movie, it's a typical hollywood suspense movie, you be the judge, i say rent it but don't buy it.

Karen Z (ru) wrote: it was slow. filmed as if it was a derreck kind of show. though the subject was important i didn't get into it... Katherine is great as usual though