Former SWAT leader David Hendrix and hard-partying movie star Brody Walker must cut their ride-along short when a police training facility is attacked by a team of mercenaries.

Former SWAT leader David Hendrix and hard-partying movie star Brody Walker shadowing him must organize the surviving members of a training facility against a team of mercenaries who have seized the compound. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maridia B (de) wrote: Sorry,'re not the Troop Mom. I wouldn't even watch you if you were Troop Dad. The movie wasn't funny; it had a cliche plotline, veeeeeeery stale jokes and it felt like another one of those Netflix-Blockbuster cheap rent movies. Far cry from the sitcom.

Alec B (us) wrote: It tells its story in a way you might expect, but it has a few fascinating moments where even Atwater's most ardent defenders of his political tactics in Republican campaigns still decry him as a vicious monster capable of anything. It might even be fair to say that they only liked him because he was on their side.

Jonathan I (mx) wrote: Romantic comedy with male protagonist, so I liked it...enough said. Starts to slow down near the end.

Tamara H (ru) wrote: Roommate said this was VERY funny . . . and cute. Yet another one I may have to rent.

D371N 5 (ag) wrote: Finally, a watchable prequel. This movie is much, much better than the last two. However, it still has some of the other movies problems. Some bad acting for example. This movie still overly relies on CGI, however this time the CGI is much better, but that doesn't stop some sets looking fake, or from a cartoon. This movie is also where we get to see Anakin Skywalker turn into Darth Vader, which is handled brilliantly at the end with the purge of the Jedi. A complaint that I have though is that the lightsaber fight between Obi-wan and Anakin is over choreographed to the point where it looks like they're dancing rather than fighting. If you're not a huge star wars fan but you want to watch a prequel than just watch this one.

solidity q (us) wrote: I'd give this cult favorite a quarter star, but that's not an option.

Bill C (de) wrote: At 170 minutes the first half of the archivally restored version drags on and on; the original theatrical release was trimmed to 134 minutes for good reason. Hemingway was unhappy with both versions, correctly claiming the political context of his novel had been ignored.Ingrid Bergman in her first role after Casablanca is radiant; a vibrant Katina Paxinou won a well deserved Oscar for her Pilar. Paxinou plays off Cooper well and gives us a tantalizing glimpse of her fiery younger self. The rest of the guerilla band, including the great Akim Tamiroff, unfortunately come off as cartoonish.

Henry K (ru) wrote: Seve The Movie is a noteworthy biopic that not only enthralls it's audience with a unique and enticing true story, but also acts as a watershed in the golf-oriented sports film industry. Seve Ballesteros, hailing from the sandy beaches of his childhood home in Spain, rises to golfing fame through a number of acts testing his skill, luck, and endless determination. Seve won over 70 tournaments worldwide and five majors, cementing his spot in history as a legend of the game. His rise to glory wasn't an easy one, though, and throughout the film it becomes apparent that his success was not handed to him, rather earned through endless hours on the green. If all else, Seve The Movie will have you leaving the theater excited to begin your own personal pursuit.

Gaudy M (ca) wrote: For a glimpse of the Santa Monica pier before cocaine and Reagan ruined everything, this movie is totally worth it. Add to that the very young Dennis Hopper, the moody menace, the local yokel characters, the psycho cheese bake techniques loosely appropriated from New Wave cinema, you've got yourself a winner.

Emily C (es) wrote: i thought it was super cute. literally the perfect teen love movie. nat wolff's character is flawless.