Griffin & Phoenix

Griffin & Phoenix

A terminally ill man falls in love with a woman who has a secret that threatens their time spent together.

GRIFFIN AND PHOENIX is a poignantly funny love story about two people who face a seemingly insurmountable obstacle that may stand between them and a last chance at love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Griffin & Phoenix torrent reviews

Fahad J (au) wrote: The movie will captivate you and twist your mind and then touches your heart.

Kaya D (br) wrote: well, the characters are awful,

Manuel V (au) wrote: puff casi tan mala como "batalla en el cielo"

Nicki M (ru) wrote: The only reason I am even reviewing this one is because I saw it has no other reviews and thought I would try and save some other poor sap from wasting 90 minutes out of their life watching this drivel. It serves me right for watching Hallmark movies really, but I was mildly curious to see a more recent film starring Jennifer Grey and thought I would give it a go. Shouldn't have bothered, she obviously gave up all good judgement on what is an interesting movie around the time she had her nose done. This movie is exactly what you think it is. Middle aged woman meets middle aged man with a too nice to be real teen daughter, conveninently, his wife has already died. She is engaged, but what do you know, due to a small twist, which actually was a bit of a shock on a Hallmark film, but believe me the only unpredictable twist the whole film had in it, not worth watching it for, she is suddenly available herself. Hmmm... I wonder what might happen here? This is just boring to watch, do yourself a favour and don't bother!

Sue W (gb) wrote: I bloody love this film its soooh tender in it's vission of love for a jelly fish, and has amazing visual beauty. Sweet!

Private U (au) wrote: The movie is not only about the 1954 World Cup, it's a portrait of post-WWII Germany

Christopher B (ag) wrote: Very pleasantly surprised by this. Has something for everyone.

Ariadna L (es) wrote: me encanto!!menos mal que espaa ha cambiado!lo suficiente para poder hacer una pelicula donde nos critiquemos a nosotros mismos....y asi poder como hacen autocritica es buena y puede ser muy fructifera

Mike C (ag) wrote: Beyond the Mat captures the height of Wrestling craze of the 90s in one of the most compelling documentaries about not only the wrestling industry but also the people behind the mask!

John C (gb) wrote: One of those movies that essentially has no thought or creative script but nonetheless brings much entertainment

Blake B (us) wrote: A fun little nostalgic horror anthology, that saves the best skit for last, and has a fun wraparound tale.

Matthew J (us) wrote: Not a classic but a funny comedy.

Becs D (ru) wrote: Dated, but still quite good fun, it was almost spoof like and you just can't help but like Chevy Chase

Troy F (fr) wrote: I liked the first film a bit more in terms of characters, but Revenge Of The Ninja in terms of action and excitement is far cooler! Betrayal, bloodshed, and some great ninja action. Yep, it's one of those cheesy 80's ninja flicks where all the bad guys have amazingly funny reactions when they go down, and this film has many of those. There's not much to say about this film that I've already said for films like these in this genre, it just kicks ass. The final battle however, extends pretty long and is the highlight of this movie. A masked warrior who laughs menacingly while having a few tricks up his sleeve, with a hell of a bloody final blow (hey, the big villain always goes down, right?). Plot doesn't matter as much, just watch some awesomely bad action scenes play out with some great choreography and you'll be entertained!

Lana E (ru) wrote: Jack Nicholson... I was like wtf is he doing here...Watchable... nothing special... except the song... which I adore the lyrics of...

Zach C (gb) wrote: What starts as a visceral, visually striking revenge piece becomes a deeply emotional tug-of-war between the audience and the characters of the mother, the wife, and the Gintoki of the Grove.

Steven C (mx) wrote: classic british comedy absolute must see

Don S (mx) wrote: Typical 80's teen comedy. Unbelievable situations, cornball laughs, outlandish fashion, and great music. Watched this for Marisa Tomei - I think it was her first movie. She's okay, but doesn't have a big role. Not really worth your time unless you are a big Tomei fan like me.

Christopher D (fr) wrote: One of the few films I envy for its sheer brilliance.

Troy F (ca) wrote: Fairly fun Disney classic about two kids with abnormal powers of telepathy who have traced their roots of origin and must stay out of the hands of greedy rich bastards who want to use them for financial means. It doesn't hold up that well, especially one flying scene with a Winnebago that just looks laughably awful, even for its time. It's still good fun from a time when children's entertainment was a little darker then how it is today.