Griha Pravesh

Griha Pravesh

A successful office worker who is happily married has a brief affair with a sultry co-worker in this romantic melodrama. His wife eventually wins him back from his forbidden lover.

Amar and Mansi meet through their respective families and have an arranged marriage. Amar, a book-keeper, is very thrifty, intends to save money so that they can buy their very own flat, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris N (au) wrote: A fantastic character study of a selfish, lonely, fucked up man. Alex Ross Perry is one to watch out for because he directs the hell out of this film, giving it an appropriately downbeat vibe, as well as writing one of the best original screenplays of the year. Schwartzman is perfect in the lead role as is Jonathan Pryce as his mentor. But the standout of the cast is by far Elisabeth Moss, giving a beautiful, heartfelt, layered performance as Philip's girlfriend and steals every scene she's in. There's some occasional pacing issues here and there, but this is a remarkable, honest film that deserves attention.

Calvin G (us) wrote: Not bad but not as good as other DC animated movies!

Lucas B (fr) wrote: Thought this movie was hilarious and very fun to watch.

Anuradha M (de) wrote: nice film...........

Hanna K (mx) wrote: Such a enjoyable film about the jazz guitarist. Sean Penn and Samantha Morton are excellent. One of the best Allen films. A real feel good stuff.

Marilee A (us) wrote: Interesting & Accepting Love Story.Really Bad Wardrobes !

Phil H (au) wrote: This starts off with a good opening shot of a guy with his legs torn/cut off just showing bloody stumps...a very 'Verhoeven' style to it I must say and gets you all excited. A gloriously hammy tongue n cheek future distopian western with B-movie classic Brion James in his usual baddie role but looking alittle like his 'Fifth Element' character. Mix 'Mad Max' with most Clint Eastwood western classics and you get this, it looks cheap in places but not too bad in others and the gun fights are actually pretty neat in an over the top kinda way, plus there are actually some really good explosions including a massive demolition of a huge factory type chimney. The hero is a rip of Clint with his cigar's but also a slight precursor or copy of 'Jonah Hex' and 'Soloman Kane' in the looks department, whilst all the baddies are the usual 'Waterworld' 'Mad Max' style looking cannon fodder heheVery cheesy but actually not too bad for a unknown film (never heard of it myself), hidden gem :)

Muhammad K (es) wrote: Great B-picture movie from which other people can learn that you don't need big budget to make a good movie .

Jos M (fr) wrote: Homenaje de Allen a 8 1/2, belleza Charlotte Rampling.

MJ L (ru) wrote: We always used to set up our tent in our living room & pretend we were up there with him. This is just a straight forward good-hearted movie.

connor w (gb) wrote: Yet another brilliant performance by Lon Chaney Jr. pity he only says 2 lines in this whole movie but its his facial expressionas that count

PY C (us) wrote: Only 1 funny part in the movie. And the reason I watch it is all for Kristen Wigg. Shame that it wasn't as funny as I expected.

Charlie G (ru) wrote: A repeat of "Secret if my Success" only using a woman for the part.

Geoff J (jp) wrote: Fine horror comedy classed up by the Red Viper himself. 7/10

Ilsa W (ru) wrote: Could have been good but misses the mark. There is no character development at all, so much so that you don't even bat an eyelid when JDM's character dies. Anthony Hopkins does a decent enough job as expected, he's too good not to act the hell out of it, but the other characters are pretty much superfluous and not overly likeable. The arrival of Colin Farrell however livens things up no end. Him and Hopkins have some great scenes together and its just a shame he doesn't turn up until the last twenty minutes!!