Grill Point

Grill Point

In the style of a documentary this tragic comedy tells the story of a relationship crisis between two married couples and their longing to break out of their miserable daily lives. In this East German post-wall movie Andreas Dresen introduces the sad everyday life of two couples from Frankfurt an der Oder in a honest and tolerable manner.

Two pairs, each married for quite a long time, are living in a small east German town. The film focuses on the relationships between each of the four people and what happens when an affair ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jesse k (ag) wrote: Another boxing cartoon this bio about "Hands of No Mas" is hacked together and a bit stale.

Sebastian P (jp) wrote: Una pelcula que rinde y trae recuerdos de la poca del cine mudo donde el humor se expresaba a travs de lo visual. Es bueno saber que existen directores como Wes Anderson capaz de traer estas clases de joyas en la actualidad.

Reini U (au) wrote: Her 2nd film after "Sherrybaby" features now Naomi Watts as poor white trash convenience store clerk, working her ass off, getting fired and many more mishaps. Matt Dillon as boyfriend can properly impersonate her disabled boyfriend, but with Naomi Watts I'm having a big problem here. Her face doesn't fit. And with the story also. It cannot find the fine line between european-style social neorealism without any positive figure at all, and the american hero's struggling the system.

Shannon S (es) wrote: This movie was awesome for what it was! And what it was, is a tongue in cheek, make everything obvious, let the audience know how dumb you want them to be, gory thrill ride. Not very scary, and the effects were cool but a bit cheesy, but man did this make me laugh and enjoy the time! As long as you understand irony and appreciate satirical comments, this is for you.

John M (kr) wrote: Boring monotony. This is based on a Franz Kafka novel, and for all intensive purposes, it doesn't translate well into film. It's about this guy, K. (played by Ulrich Mhe) who is a surveyor summoned to a castle. Due to a mix-up, it turns out that he wasn't needed at all. He meets a barmaid named Frieda, who he takes as his fiance. Other than that, the entire movie revolves around K. trying to find a castle official named Klamm to discuss the miscommunication. It's just tedious conversation after tedious conversation that you really can't care less about (I had to take two breaks just to get through it). And just where it starts to get good, it ends, because that is where Kafka's incomplete manuscript ends. This really doesn't feel like a Haneke film, other than that it has lots of black outs and slow pacing. I have now seen Michael Haneke's entire filmography, and this is easily my least favorite.

lelo k (es) wrote: A tragic romance without all the tear jerking parts.

(es) wrote: Fun, entertaining, stylish and awesome props.But reevs is better mime than actor in this one.

William W (ca) wrote: This is one of the most unusual films I have ever seen. Director Bob Cawley tried many intriguing things in telling basically a very predictable story of greed and sexual tension destroying a group of four's journey to cross the border, find and take 17 tons of gold from a Mexican village. It has a host--which instantly reminded me of that suave spokesman for those foreign beer commercials--and had at least two of the main actors act as narrators, so that you could tell what they were thinking. It was zero-budget, but had some bizarre aspects of filmmaking which I found quite admirable, a few ideas that really worked and made the otherwise forgettable story worth watching. There were a few things I could certainly glean and learn from, and put someday in a film I made, should at some point in the future, I was blessed to make cinematic artwork for the world to see. In my opinion, to get your ideas from your mind, and to do everything necessary to make a lasting 60-120 minute visualization of them, is the pinnacle of the living experience and the highest honour one can achieve, at least in this world.

David C (gb) wrote: 1sd movie: (Magnetic Rose) 4/5. surreel aspects, fine animation 2st movie: (Stink Bomb) 4/5. fine animation, funny and surprising finale. 3rd movie: (Cannon Fodder) 3.5/5 live to make war...

Underrated Movie R (ca) wrote: Very well done. I LOVE seeing how all this stuff works and seeing how they make their cartoons. So cool! :)

Stanley C (es) wrote: Even though the wager on the slave-shooting gallery at the fair scene and the "If You Only Got a Moustache" musical number were fun to watch, the film is overall nothing different or more impressive than a typical Family Guy episode, only made live-action and putting artistic emphasis on 1800s Western America.

Shawn R (mx) wrote: Ingrid Pitt = Hot 70's chick

Aaron B (ru) wrote: is it just me or does this look like it should have been called the Punisher?