Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper

he stripper Rachel is hit by a cab but survives in the emergency room of a hospital. However, she sees Death chasing her, but she does not succeed in convincing the nurses. She is drugged and wakes up in St. Joseph, a mental hospital administrated by Dr. Brown. She finds five other inmates that had a near death experience and also claim that Death is coming for them, but Dr. Brown tells them that

The stripper Rachel is hit by a cab but survives in the emergency room of a hospital. However, she sees Death chasing her, but she does not succeed in convincing the nurses. She is drugged ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roberto P (mx) wrote: i really want to see i love rainbow dash and pinkie pie and well ALL OT THEM

Cylus O (au) wrote: An odd ghost story that struggles with with its narrative.

Zeke P (au) wrote: While it did have the 'best' worst actor I've seen in a long time, the film couldn't decide on if it wanted to be a 'found footage' film or a horror film filmed with a cameraman sans steady cam following the action. For instance, there are numerous occasions where a character is filmed from the front going into a location for the first time to then have the cameraman get up and follow. It would mean the cameraman would have to run into the location first, set up and then follow. This gets pretty outrageous at the end, where the filmmakers just give up. However, I did get big laughs from the episode 49 hammer-to-the-face along with the female Doogie Howser doctor twins.

Daniel B (it) wrote: It could be half an hour shorter. The parts about how shelf-space is determined as well as the three-tier system are interesting, however a lot of this documentary could have been overlooked.

Thomas L (ag) wrote: Leave your brain at the door and as you walk in roar 'Jai Ho!' And just enjoy the mindless violence. Salman Khan is the crying Incredible Hulk!!

Shawn R (au) wrote: I loved this movie! The end was excellent. They thought they were having problem before?

Dino G (gb) wrote: I love it its my favorite movie

Tristan P (ca) wrote: Boy this movie was creepy! And I first saw this as 21 year old!

Berni E (us) wrote: Can't believe this is Anthony Hopkins thirty five years ago either!!!

Ethan A (fr) wrote: A spoof, an homage, a comedy classic. Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid is an ingenious film, taking an original story and integrating scenes from 16 classic noirs from the 1940's to create a stunning showcase of originality. It's not as funny as one would like (it is still quite humorous), but the shear originality and Steve Martin's perfect comedic timing rises this film to the occasion.

Marco D (ru) wrote: Le tengo que poner 5 estrellas por algn motivo inconsciente. Justamente esta pelcula empez a construir mi amor por Pars, la fotografa y el soundtrack son uno solo, estticamente perfecta, el diseo de produccin y la fotografa se roban gran parte de la pelcula. Con respecto a los personajes creo que Owen Wilson da una actuacin muy graciosa y honesta, le sienta natural esa actitud de escritor para nada conforme con su actual vida, aunque le cuesta admitirlo, desde las palabras del personaje, " negacin". Rachel hace un papel raro en ella pero consigue que le tenga rechazo, al admirar al novio de su amiga que tiene una actitud obviamente soberbia, esto lgicamente es merito del director, que en la misma escena expresa, como Inez se fija en Paul, la ignorancia de su mujer, y el desprecio de Gil, todo esto con una comedia agradable y para nada exagerada. Una comedia excelente que se va creciendo gracias a su originalidad y excelente direccin, actuaciones divertidas, pero por sobre todo, las sensaciones que me transmite ver a Pars a travs de los ojos de Woody Allen. Por cierto los ltimos 10 minutos de esta pelcula son oro.Gracias Paris. 22/07/16 - 01:28 a.m