Grindstone Redux

Grindstone Redux

This is the story of how the music business was transformed in the 1980s by like-minded musicians who decided to self-publish their work. They formed a "network" before the internet or email made it commonplace.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:60 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
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The story of the 1980s Underground Music Network. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Grindstone Redux torrent reviews

Heather M (es) wrote: The only horror present in this movie is the horrible plot. This is a miserable, predictable story that even lacks a satisfying ending.

Shaun A (au) wrote: I saw this film in Korea at the PiFan International Fantastic Film Festival where it had a terrific reception. It's such a funny, subtle film, and no doubt will go over the heads of many MTV audiences. But if you love cinema - particularly 50's and 60's cinema - you're going to get a kick out of this movie.

Yippee K (gb) wrote: Why would one want to glamorize the life of that thug-lover and murderess? This is the worst kind of revisionism from an industry that seems largely given to rewriting the truth of history to suit their secularist left-leaning fantasies about how life really ought to be.

Scott W (de) wrote: Today Paramount Home Entertainment releases PRETTY BIRD on DVD, a quirky dramatization of the power and pitfalls of the American inventive spirit and desire to reach for greatness. Led by a powerful ensemble cast including Paul Giamatti, Billy Crudup and David Hornsby, a trio of dreamers disgruntled by their reality-grounded lives attempt devise a rocket pack and aim their ambitions at the wild blue yonder. Written and directed by Paul Schneider (also seen in Parks and Recreation) and based on a true story, this edgy comedy/drama hybrid dramatizes the noble and dark sides of seeking such a bold aspiration at any cost. Its unexpected and enjoyably strange story aside, PRETTY BIRD at its heart is about the very human desire to rise above our own limits and achieve glory, be it personal, professional or altruistic. The drama here arises from the motivation behind such aspiration, and Crudup personifies that crux in the form of Curtis Prentiss, a smooth-talking, socially adept salesman of what should be. Of course, our introduction to him washing up on a shoreline and crawling away in a waterlogged white tuxedo implies that all may not go so smoothly in Prentiss' life of what-is. He dreams of flight but has no wings, and so he must seek partners to realize his entrepreneurial ends, and turbulence ensues. Prentiss secures seed money for his bizarre quest to invent a personal rocket belt from an old school chum Kenny, played with comic pathos and subtle heartbreak by Hornsby. A semi-successful mattress retailer, Kenny quickly falls under Curtis' sales spiel and signs on to their newly formed corporation as CFO, mortgaging the income and very existence of his mattress store for the cause. Since neither the huckster nor his stake possess any scientific knowledge, Curtis entices laid-off rocket engineer Rick Honeycutt (Giamatti) into co-inventing his jet pack dream. The gruff, professionally abused Rick seizes the opportunity if only to make his own mark on a corporate world which has stolen all his creative credit in life. Yet he soon realizes that Curtis' dream may not be a lofty goal but rather an escape from reality. While Rick labors and Kenny empties his bank accounts, Curtis continues bamboozling all potential targets of opportunity to market the jet pack and his boost own ego's stock. Such salesmanship includes seducing Kenny's former clerk and single mother Mandy (Kristen Wiig), who starves for fulfillment and connection above her dreary daily routine. It's in this seduction that Curtis' true sales prowess becomes evident: he is less concerned about marketing a personal rocket belt for civilian flight, that is merely another concocted idea, an image commodity he wants to sell. Unfortunately Kenny and Rick buy into the dream of building the jet pack itself - so desperate are they to please Curtis or prove themselves, respectively - realizing only too late their own dreams have been sold out. Curtis' one and only product for sale is himself: he will say and do anything to get people to buy into his scheme not for scientific innovation but for self-invention. Crudup's various motivational exercises - from warming up his voice to offering himself pep talks in the mirror - reveal that Curtis' life is one long sales pitch to himself. His performance is the most engaging in this story which can play for outright laughs or dark comedic twists. In a way the less likable Curtis acts, the more compelling he is to watch. Crudup walks a very fine line of character acting to keep his role believable and entertaining without lapsing into caricature buffoonery. Likewise Giamatti takes his firm grip on cantankerous behavior to a darker extreme while never surrendering Rick's desperate, empathetic humanity. Rick is perpetually the genius, literally a rocket scientist, who has all the brains in the universe and none of the backbone to stand up for his achievements. When Prentiss backs him into one corner too many attempting to steal away one more dream from Rick, the brainiac flexes his muscle in a most unexpected manner. The final quarter-hour of the film is quite a curveball in the plot: some may find it surprising while others deem it unsupported by the bulk of the film. Either way, this quirky film heightens its own game to an unpredictable level which remains true to its core value, even as the protagonist must deal with the consequences of his own empty hype. Less about flight in the aeronautic sense after all, PRETTY BIRD examines the human potential to soar above its own expectations and limitations, be that trajectory be for good or bad. Schneider's alternatively witty and wacky script supports his look into the darker motivations behind pursuing what is perceived as the American dream - and indeed suggests that dream has devolved from national pride and glory to personal aggrandizement and profit. The cast embodies these dilemmas and questions affably and with humor, resulting in a daring and occasionally dangerous trip for viewers willing to embrace its unpredictable, indie style of storytelling. Schneider's abrupt ending may not satisfy, but the trajectory getting there is a worthwhile adventure. Expect a challenging, intimate drama with the quirky throttle open, then buckle up.

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (de) wrote: well, this movie makes you jump a bit :p good story..

James H (fr) wrote: Very moving documentary, great interviews and very thoroughly done. Sad, funny and it can?t help but make you think and wonder. It?s hard to believe it is the 21st century sometimes.

Patricia L (us) wrote: There are few movies that affect me the way that this movie did. While this movie scared me to the bone it also pulled at every heart string. I am going to read the book for sure now, I just hope that it doesn't scare me more than the movie of how humanity actually can be.

Dennis H (nl) wrote: Nice actors/actress. Addictive when I saw it on TV. Not a bad one to spend time.

Leo L (es) wrote: An interesting film!

Charles P (es) wrote: You'll be delighted, perhaps a bit frightened, and you'll be scratching invisible itches for a long time.

Ashley K (ag) wrote: I find it amusing that ALL of the negative reviews by critics were by men. Most of whom claim this movie is misogynistic. It is amazing to me that these snobs will understand the meaning of so many films, yet be clueless about this one.If you watch the making of featurette, the director explains the reason for Meryl Streep's character leaving. She had to leave because she felt mentally unstable due to how Hoffman's character had treated her. In leaving, she showed the ultimate love toward her son. Which is worse: An unstable mother staying around, or leaving and getting her life together? If you look at a case such as Andrea Yates, the answer is clear.

monsieur r (ag) wrote: Robinhood reunites with his first love Marion. But years have passed. A romance tale, you will hate it or humor it. Light hearted, lamely comic mostly. The film really only gets meaningful in the last 30 minutes, like so many. Sean Connery, Richard Harris and no less than nun Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffinys) PLUS Robert Shaw as the Sherrif of Nottingham (JAWS, The Sting) star in this Richard Lester (HELP!) directed interpretation of Robin Hood. Medivel life is realistically shown, a plus. Well established by now as James Bond, Sean Connery must have wanted a break from high technology and spies. No doubt, this is reverse. Its very low tech and set in the Middle Ages. Richard the Lionheart pulls an arrow out of his neck without a flinch. Robert Shaw as Sherrif of Nottingham is trying to elevate this film to some real meaning, but that was wasted by the approach by Lester who keeps throwing in silly tidbits of screenplay. Shaw is again the real actor in this one. Well done in the cinematography, the soundtrack includes really good middle age sounds when they have them, which are few. Robin's Merrymen almost have forgotten him and maid Marian? She's quite a bit older and nearly forgotten by Robin. About a third of the way through the film gets romantic in this regard, but Richard Lester seems determined to keep this story light and comic. A negative, the soundtrack has too much strings and generally sounds inappropriate. Occasionally a few real sound medievil tune are heard which helps the film. I am going to have to leave this one to the RT family to decide if this is a rotten or fresh. Part comedy, part romance, part drama it at first seems rather stupid. Still, how many films start out lame and end up fabulous? So rather than pronounce this one D.O.A., I should rather leave it to you. My read on this is that the girls and women will love this. A few men and boys may take a chance on it too. I did. Note: The film marked Hepburn's return to the screen after an eight year absence. Note: The film was to have originally been titled The Death of Robin Hood but was changed by Columbia Pictures to be more marketable. Note: The film was generally given a positive review by critics. Roger Ebert was positive towards Connery and Hepburn as Robin and Marian although he was uncertain about "history repeating itself" in regards to the plot. CAST Sean Connery as Robin Hood Audrey Hepburn as Lady Marian (first film in 9 years for her) Robert Shaw as the Sheriff of Nottingham Nicol Williamson as Little John Richard Harris as Richard the Lion-Heart Directed by Richard Lester (HELP!, A Hard Days Night) Produced by Dennis O'Dell Richard Shepherd Ray Stark Written by James Goldman Starring Sean Connery Audrey Hepburn Robert Shaw Nicol Williamson Ronnie Barker Music by John Barry Cinematography David Watkin Distributed by Columbia Pictures Release date(s) 11 March 1976 Running time 106 minutes Country UK

George W (ag) wrote: Still the benchmark for sci-fi film. Some scenes are a little dated to our modern eyes, call it period charm and a timeless classic.Mostly it shows that good film making is the sum of its parts, not the software driven demographic marketing hack that passes itself as film today.

Cancelled U (ru) wrote: I'd hope you'd agree with my rating if you've seen the film. It also had that moose short story, too. One for any child.

Fernando C (ru) wrote: cars is a great kids movie, with great animation and unforgettable characters. kids will love it, and you will have fun too....altough not as good as other pixar films, still very worth movie to see with the family

Greg W (mx) wrote: strange hybrid part chase movie part crime thriller

Robert T (au) wrote: This made-for-TV mini-series was kind of similar to "The Odyssey," though I'm not that surprised, it did came from the same studio, Hallmark Entertainment, but somehow, the film was kind of off. I felt I was watching a badly made film with a badly acted cast. I was hoping the film could get at least a little better, but it kind of didn't. I have to be honest, I still prefer the Disney animated version of this attempt. The film's visuals and art direction were exciting, but the special effects were just sad. The film's cast was alright, nothing to rave about, but they at least fit the characters' description, so I have to give the film's some kudos for that.

Kayla K (gb) wrote: 1/1/2009This is movie 2 of a metal horror movie marathon:I really liked this one. The premise of buying your wish from the devil but living with the cost was really well done. His calculated moves toward being a rock god was so great. Especially with the band's former leader throwing such great hot pink hissy fits!