Grindstone Road

Grindstone Road

The Sloan's young son Daniel has been in coma for an extended period of time following a car accident. Hannah, who was driving at the time of the accident, is suffering a great deal of guilt and depression. Shortly after moving into a newly purchased farmhouse, strange occurrences begin to happen.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A few months ago Hannah Sloan (Fairuza Balk) was in a horrible car accident, leaving her son Daniel in an extended coma. With hopes of putting their recent tragedy behind them Hannah and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Riley H (it) wrote: A bad Hollywood action movie posing as anime.

Bradford L (us) wrote: Is this movie a gold gem , not remotely but it is still a fun movie to watch.

Sergio E (ca) wrote: Se supona que los malos eran ellos... LOL who is bad who is good no one knows!!! Not just a funny movie. In fact, after a short intro to meet the characters, it's all action. Nothing is what it seems to, even the most lesser detail comes into work to push the players to run, jump, shot and keep running to breathe one more minute. Not a buddy movie, just action with three top class comedy players and, well more funny that many archetipical shot-and-run productions. Although Antonio Resines is not so known outside Spain, he's a great comedy actor, so he can provide the plot of that special moments that the average 'buddy-movie actor' cannot show to screen. In this film we can see him as a self-defeated man, without hope nor friends, that turns off managing for a few days a gang band to safe a lad and his girlfriend from a very very sadistic killers. Jordi Vilches breaks into the movie with his unforgettable Catalan tone, and reveals himself as the worst enemy of his friends taking them from victory to victory until the final disaster... This player, who was skilled in a circus school rather than an acting class, is able to afford most-demanding scenes and to make them easy. Jordi is a gem to take care for, we will sure hear from him at the highest level. Faced with a mountain of debt, hopeless hitman Paco (Antonio Resines) is forced to take a job teaching gangster Don Rodrigo's (Manuel Alexandre) idiotic nephew (Jordi Vilches) how to kill people. But ... read more training this fool to become a killer will be a very difficult assignment. With the bumbling amateur by his side, Paco finds his life continually threatened as he faces one disaster after another.

Daniel D (nl) wrote: Enjoyable film if you like complicated plots. As a John McTiernan fan, I was fairly satisfied by it (although I definitely prefer other films of his). However, if you already like other McTiernan films, you might enjoy this one.

Cecily B (ru) wrote: deathly afraid of clowns i think thats why i wanna see it haha

Steve S (mx) wrote: Not sure why this film got so many bad reviews from writers. I found it to be inspiring and amusing. Well done, Joe Pesci.

David W (us) wrote: The French makes movies on extra martial relationships like the Chinese does Kung Fu movies...most of them are boring and can only be appreciated on a soft porn level...this one is twisted and surreal in a French intellectual, humourious way. Another Biler's film, "Mon Homme", is also one of my favourites

Mark B (mx) wrote: the two-headed Manster is loose in Japan .. watch outdrags at parts but lots of monster fun

John M (es) wrote: Lots of tang. Inspiration for Vice City. Heartpounding ending

Corvin S (mx) wrote: Its a Great movie but you have to watch it a few times to "get" it.

Frances H (nl) wrote: What is so well played here the naivet of the robbers and newspaperman who think they can revel in their 15 minutes of fame by giving away so many details about themselves and get away with it.

Macaulay A (jp) wrote: Just like every other generic action film out there, yet this time they top it off with bad CGI and with an egotistical protagonist who happens to be the director of the film. Boring, predictable, relying on expensive actors to pull the film off the ground.

Lewis B (us) wrote: This film stays as true as it possibly can to the original story. The special effects are tastefully done as well.