Ground Control

Ground Control

An air-traffic controller quits after a plane crash but, years later, goes to help an airport that is in the path of a terrible storm.

Ground Control (Jet) is a 1998 disaster thriller film about a disgraced former air traffic controller being called back into service when the airport's traffic control system malfunctions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillie E (de) wrote: At times intense but also predictable. Good performances all around.

KM F (it) wrote: hmmmmmmmm. What will I be doing on 12/21/12.............

John B (br) wrote: Great cast, but, sadly this movie fails to deliver anythings of substance, but, it does get it's point across about the fast food industry and makes you wonder how much is real

Christie A (mx) wrote: Actually enjoyed this movie. Yes, there are some plot jumps but otherwise it is a good story line. Sci-fi story of Captain John Carter (fought for the Confederate side, movie takes place after the civil war) who is mysteriously sent to Mars. Basic story line is that he doesn't want to fight, always trying to get home, but the herosion side of him always wins so he ends upfighting, romance blossoms as well.

Alexi T (kr) wrote: pure trashy goodness!

Corey W (au) wrote: You'll be amazed at how many big names are in this movie, but it's based on a TV show and that's probably where it ultimately belongs.

Caleb M (mx) wrote: Terrible, terrible shock film, who's only lasting appeal has been its promise of its depiction of-----wait for it---- Necrophilia. I can understand maybe that someone wants to watch some really sick shit. But this isn't even shocking: In fact, its so horrendously made, and mind-numbingly banal, most of you will be paralyzed in yawns, rather than gasps. Take this word of advice: If you want to see some REAL taboo shattering film-making, you can't go wrong with these few titles: Pink Flamingos, Salo, Visitor Q, or better yet(if you have the guts), watch A Serbian Film. Just pass by this insufferable piece of dreck.

Notorious TIA (kr) wrote: This movie could have been better

Alberto G (ag) wrote: This movie may have "sucked" back in the 80's, but watching it close to 30 years later, it was pure delight.First, we have a wicked Lauren Hutton playing the delicious Countess. Then, his henchman (driver/butler) played with such flair by the late Cleavon Little. Then we have Jim Carrey's first staring role, where you can watch early signs of his comedic genious.To wrap things up, there's the music, the hairdos, the clothes and the abundant 80's teen movie cliches. I ask now, what's not to like? A trip down memory lane for those that found movies like Weekend at Bernies, Weird Science and Teen Wolf "highly" entertaining. This is a great companion piece.

Alex S (es) wrote: A better film than I remembered, Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin reunite in this actioned packed violent thriller loosely based on the Mad Trapper of Rat River.

Geir F (ru) wrote: The original exploitation template Heathers originated from is a surprisingly brisk and entertaining movie. It lacks the dark humor of its successor, but successfully establishes a strange high school universe of its own, and racks up the bodycount in an engaging manner. Absolutely worth checking out!

Joshua d (us) wrote: Frank didnt even have act for this one HE IS Tony Rome and that theme tune is so catchy

Greg W (it) wrote: good kinda histroical western mix

dan b (ru) wrote: The world is engulfed in WW2 and The Invisible Man heads off to Germany to mess the Nazi's minds. It's an interesting change of pace for an Universal Monster movie and Peter Lorre puts in a terrifically creepy performance.