When a mysterious groupie joins legendary cursed band, "The Dark Knights", a series of unexplained murders derails their comeback tour.

When a mysterious groupie joins legendary cursed band, "The Dark Knights", a series of unexplained murders derails their comeback tour. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Denise J (nl) wrote: I love Cheyenne Jackson! Good movie.

Barbara C (mx) wrote: Seems like a decent set up for a series of films, as "Skyrunners" are merely worth a single mention (maybe more, but less than a handful), and there was a singular rather than a plural amount of them in the film. There are a few unresolved issues in the film that could be resolved in another (as it appears there is meant to be). Throughout my viewing I kept thinking that it crosses the live action "Ben 10" and "Flight of the Navigator" to come up with something...less. Still, the acting is good, the script is predictable and downright bad in some places, and while 12 year old girls would watch for the eye candy that are the lead actors, their 9 year-old (and under) brothers are the only group would actually enjoy the movie.(Note: During a long hiatus in filming, Pollari hit puberty, so when they went back to filming, the script was edited to include the changes. I had to look up the information to believe it myself, same actor beginning to end with no lookalikes)

Petter H (au) wrote: Helt grei underholdning. Historien er tynn og urealistisk, men karakterene er reele og brer filmen helt ut.

Georgieboy M (ru) wrote: Very interesting movie and the performance of Choi is remarkable.

Drew B (gb) wrote: lots of fun, a very interesting look at what high school was actually like. was one of the few movies that made me laugh aloud, recently.

Barbara A (kr) wrote: Extremely important documentary. I realize that nothing is perfect, and mistakes are sometimes made. However, for these men to have their lives turned upside down. To have so many years wrongfully taken away from them, and then they are just released? That's all?!? No apology? No clearing of the record?!? No training, or housing assistance, or financial aid?!? I do NOT understand this. It's a disgrace! To just let them out, and sweep it under the rug as if nothing happened?!? Even paroled ex-cons are treated better than these poor people.

Rachel M (ru) wrote: the love story wasn't realistic.

Ben D (ca) wrote: Only if you're interested in jazz.

familiar s (us) wrote: Bloody hell. Came here to rate the movie and saw it as marked NI. Not for sure, but I might have avoided it. Anyway, too bloody late for that. In the opening credits, when I found the director to be Michael Apted (the name sounded familiar and it seemed to me that the previous experience was amazing, although I was unable to recall any of his films), it'd my hopes up..... only to be crushed cruelly thereafter. The acting is as pathetic as it could get, and the dialogues complement it. Cheesiness is fine, I've even appreciated it at times, but here it's extremely irritating and intolerable. Its length is another troubling issue, all the more when you've such a tragic execution. With the material at hand, a bit interesting movie was more than possible. Unfortunately, the screenplay sucks at every level, thereby making the viewing a horrible experience. Try it for yourself; maybe you'd find it better now that I've lowered your expectations ;-). As usual, with a generous heart, it deservingly gets -2.5/5.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: NO NO NO.....

Simon D (gb) wrote: a very realistic look at how some people choose to approach life and what they get for it. It scary how many youths in England (and probably every other country across the world) think that by actin 'ard like this, they will become lord of the manor. They should see this film if they are intellengent enough not to admire Trevor. Tim Roth was excellent in this. Shame he's not fullfilled his early potential. I remember quite a lot of films like this being released in the 80's in the UK. Usually cracking films.

Ilsa W (kr) wrote: Very sweet, with both amusing and tear-jerking moments. Great job from the four main cast members. Aaron Paul was very good and i'd say its probably Pierce Brosnan's best acting performance for me.

Chucky (us) wrote: December 12th 2009December 20th 2012December 11th 2016....

Joan A (ag) wrote: This is one of the best films I have seen in years. The cast is fantastic, such powerful performances by Jessica Chastain & James McAvoy! I highly recommend it, but definitely watch all three versions. I loved it!

John R (br) wrote: 110211: This movie should've been a winner. Seemed to be missing something, something which draws the viewer in. Some good make you jump parts but that's about it.

Gergely K (es) wrote: risi sznyogok, erd', meg meteor