Growing Out

Growing Out

A troubled songwriter discovers a human growing out of his basement floor.

A troubled songwriter discovers a human growing out of his basement floor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (au) wrote: Yen was working with what he was given. The script was messy and the action was hit or miss. Knowing how fast Yen is, the MMA choreography felt as if he was being held back and sluggish through the fight scenes. I personally think the submissions killed the scenes and slowed everything down. had it been handled differently this would have turned into a better film.

Jaquenta J (jp) wrote: Interesting I never heard of this one... will have to see it.

Jason C (es) wrote: Prescient and hilarious. Why don't more people talk about this film?

stefn birgir s (fr) wrote: I just don't like Giminy Glick.

Bridget A (ag) wrote: shit thats all im goin to say

Michelle W (ru) wrote: no info = no interest

OleChristian R (jp) wrote: The film opens with some fun and inventive kung fu homages from the start, and gave me high expectations for the rest. Too bad this is a German/Turkish co-production, which dictates that there has to be some kind of cross-cultural romance, where the islamic community doesn't approve, etc. etc. And it ends with a superclichd birth like you've seen in every Hollywood movie ever.The filmmakers obviously had the most fun doing the kung fu bits, so why not build a film around that instead of making yet another done-to-death cross-culture rom-com?

familiar s (au) wrote: Worked for many, not for me. 0/5.

Leon B (es) wrote: Man you have to hand it to George Remero for bringing this Stephen King adaption to life. This has to be one of the best horrors since the early 1980s.

Allen D (au) wrote: Not a great example of the Amicus portmanteau horror story selections but still an entertaining hour and a half with the usual good cast. Burgess Meredith makes an effective host to the proceedings from his funfair sideshow and an appearnce by the great Peter Cushing is always something to treasure.

Jordy A G (kr) wrote: No hay manera de describir este Doctu-Drama.

Megan W (au) wrote: Oh... oh my... oh... so bad. I have an intense fondness for dry Victorian-poetry-driven screenplays but this was incredibly boring and disjointed. They were trying to make the modern day romance as stiff and stilted as the one from 1860 so the two storylines could mirror each other - but they didn't seem to realize that nowadays in the year 2000-and-whatever... if you just skulk about the corners of rooms crying and not letting your boyfriend kiss you then it's not romantic... it's just sort of boring and overwrought. Why did I even watch this...

Theo P (nl) wrote: if only to see Alba shake it...