Grown Up Movie Star

Grown Up Movie Star

The story of Ruby, 13, determined to grow up fast after her mother runs away to become a movie star, leaving Ruby with her hopelessly rural father.

The story of Ruby, 13, determined to grow up fast after her mother runs away to become a movie star, leaving Ruby with her hopelessly rural father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ethan T (gb) wrote: A horse of a different pattern becomes a spoiler in a high-stakes race in the family-friendly comedy-drama. Nolan Walsh (Bruce Greenwood) is a farmer who once earned his living training racehorses before his wife was killed in an accident while riding, which led him to leave the racing game. Nolan tends to his farm and looks after his daughter Channing (Hayden Panettiere) and a large flock of animals, who speak to one another but not to humans. After a traveling circus passes through town, a zebra pony is left behind; Nolan takes in the animal, intending to return it to the circus, but at Channing's insistence they keep the zebra, naming him Stripes (voiced by Frankie Muniz). Channing loves Stripes, and the zebra is welcomed by the other critters on the farm, including grumpy Shetland pony Tucker (voiced by Dustin Hoffman), slow-moving hound dog Lightning (voiced by Snoop Dogg), a New Jersey-born pelican named Goose (voiced by Joe Pantoliano), skinny-brained rooster Reggie (voiced by Jeff Foxworthy), and deep-thinking goat Franny (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg). Channing discovers that Stripes can outrun nearly any horse around, and Woodzie (M. Emmett Walsh), a local character who has spent years handicapping the ponies, is convinced the zebra would be shoo-in in the Kentucky Open, a prestigious race held at the estate of champion horse breeder Clara Dalrymple (Wendie Malick). Channing believes Stripes can win, but he'll need the help of Nolan, who isn't so sure he's ready to start training again; meanwhile, Stripes gets plenty of advice from the other farm animals about his big step onto the race track. Mandy Moore, David Spade, and Steve Harvey also contribute their voice talents to the picture. ~ Mark Deming, that and see what i think about it up top.

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Stuart K (fr) wrote: Based upon the 1956 book by Frederick E. Smith, which was based upon a number of real Royal Air Force operations. This adaptation was directed by TV veteran Walter E. Grauman, (Columbo, The Untouchables and Murder, She Wrote.) This has some brilliant aviation action on display, but it does feel a tad formulaic, and most of it was all done before in The Dam Busters (1955), but it's still a good film to watch. When Norwegian resistance leader Erik Bergman (George Chakiris) learns of a German rocket fuel plant in a fjord. Bergman travels to England to report his findings to the RAF, who assign No. 633 Squadron to destroy it, with American Eagle Squadron pilot, Wing Commander Roy Grant (Cliff Robertson) is to lead this deadly mission. With training taking place in the highlands of Scotland, using de Havilland Mosquitos. Bergman retuns to Norway to gather more intelligence on the plant, but the Nazi's have sent more reinforcements after attacks by the resistance, and Bergman ends up being captured by the Gestapo, leaving the squadron with a tough decision. It's got it's moments, and the aerial action is well filmed and Ron Goodwin's score is heroic and patriotic. But it does have the odd niggle, like Robertson and Chakiris being cast to appeal to the American market, and poor Chakiris struggles as a Norwegian. But apart from that, it manages to be a good film, but it does have it's saggy parts.