In 1989, a breakthrough in "advanced parasitic research" on Cuttyhunk Island gave scientists a jump in human evolution. Initial tests proved promising, as subjects experienced heightened physical and mental strength and awareness. But .. something in the experiment went horribly wrong, and the island mysteriously lost three quarters of its population. Jamie Akerman fled the outbreak -- which killed her mother -- twenty years ago. She now returns with her boyfriend and step-brother to sell the family property. There, they uncover the key to Jamie's disturbing past, and the horrifying secrets long suppressed by the town leader, Larkin. Now, a new strain of parasite has emerged, and threatens the island once again. Jamie struggles to survive and escape the obsessive pursuit of the local islanders who know that she has inherited more than she could ever have imagined ...

In 1989, a breakthrough in advanced parasitic research on Cuttyhunk Island, gave scientists a jump in human evolution. Initial tests proved promising as subjects were experiencing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felipe F (ag) wrote: It surely must be more exciting on the paper than on the screen, but Indignation manages to tell a relevant story.

Solomon E (ru) wrote: Not the "worst" horror movies I've seen, that's something...right?

Ari K (nl) wrote: If Facebook had an exclamation option "Lemon" would be worth my first ever use of it!! Paraphrasing Russell Simmons: sometimes joyful, always truthful, the great poets are respected as the most important storytellers of their generation. Lemon Andersen is one of those great poets.... The path to Lemon's success certainly did not come easy.... He was resilient everyday of his life, fighting not just for his survival, but for his family's survival. 'Cause like my man Lemon says, "So watch me be the best artist who was born ready made. Watch me take my lemons and make the best goddamn lemonade." Thank you to Beth Levison and Laura Brownson for a wonderfully inspirational movie of hope!!

Becky C (br) wrote: The most impressive movie of the year so far. It's the story of the first complaint against sexual harassments in Egypt."Have you ever encountered sexual harassments? How many times? How did you react?" Every woman should see this movie and ask yourself again: How WOULD you react?It's so easy to forget the problems on the other side of the world when we choose not to see them. I wish I can always keep my eyes wide open. 1/2,< 1/4 1/2~ 1/4 3/4- 1/4?

Mary W (us) wrote: Pretty poor, writing, acting, filming...there not much else I need to say

StarMonkey (gb) wrote: It's okay. Previews make it out to be more though. A little disappointed. But all in all it was an okay movie!

Evan M (it) wrote: Incredibly underrated, Bolt has plenty of lovable characters that engross and engage the audience, shown with its nostalgic, stylistic animation style. John Travolta is able to masterfully create depth in his character along with the movie as a whole with his expertly delivered vocal performance, matched perfectly with Bolt's extremely expressive facial animation. Beginning with jokes to captivate the audience with the characters before becoming sweetly sentimental and touching, Bolt is a movie that should not be missed.

Steve H (es) wrote: When the 'Stray Cats' version of 'Ubangi Stomp' started playing i had to check my cd player to see if i'd left it on! But anyway, to the film....Yeah it's above ok, got silly after the couple arrived. Great idea, could have been very good. I guess it's a comedy horror murder....but there were no laughs. There was no tension either. It's worth watching for the 'what happens next' or should that be 'Who will die next'?

Turri V (jp) wrote: Steve Martin is a living legend. An homage to the noir films. A pretty ridiculous comedy that cuts in clips from original noir films from back in the day. I forced myself to sit through it but I was totally disinterested with the stupid story. Skip it unless you really like those noir films it's referencing or are on a crazy Steve Martin kick.

Joe H (de) wrote: Where was Seagal? Lousy, didn't make it through the first 30 minutes.

Nora S (nl) wrote: This is definitely NOT my kind of Suspense...I'd call it a Dark movie...that I don't really enjoy...

J L (gb) wrote: Great acting. Great writing. Multiple levels of thought and comedy.