Gruesome School Trip

Gruesome School Trip

The sensitive Onnoval is the best student in his class and he loves Liselore, who was the girlfriend of the bully Gino. His teacher Meester de Vriend believes he is a promising writer and poet. Gino picks on Onnoval all the time, but Onnoval does not fight against Gino because he believes he is a werewolf. When the successful writer of horror tales Nol van Paulo comes for a lecture in his class, he advises Onnonval to never write a story for the evil Ferluci. However, Onnoval is humiliated by Gino and very upset and jealous he writes a story about a class excursion in a horror bus to a horror park, where Gino is killed by a vampire, and gives his story to Ferluci. Later he regrets, but Nol van Paulo tells him that the only way to fix the situation would be stealing his note book and rewriting the conclusion.

The sensitive Onnoval is the best student in his class and he loves Liselore, who was the girlfriend of the bully Gino. His teacher Meester de Vriend believes he is a promising writer and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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