Grüne Wüste

Grüne Wüste

Two teenagers, a boy and a girl, have to come to terms with the boy falling ill with leukemia.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:color in title,  

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Grüne Wüste torrent reviews

Bobby V (nl) wrote: could have been better. but not bad

Beth M (fr) wrote: A little cheesy but overall cute.

Nathan A (br) wrote: my shit last night had more of a storyine

Pradipta D (jp) wrote: The plot is touching and every picture on it is just beautiful. The scoring is also heart-warming. However this is not a romantic movie with a happy ending, it is heartbreaking.

Melody M (nl) wrote: I can't remember if I've seen this or not.

Alexander P (nl) wrote: Good action and humour that the whole family can enjoy.

Lia C (fr) wrote: Defintly a good movie

Arijit M (au) wrote: Good enjoyable movie..fantastic cinematography...Good Action

Somnath P (ca) wrote: One of the finest movies to be made in the history of Indian cinema. In fact, so real that it gives you creeps! Haunting and brutal, with a stunning performance by Seema Biswas. The movie virulently exposes the brutal Indian society and its ill-treatment of the lower class... one may like this movie or hate it, but just can't ignore it!

Senor C (fr) wrote: I love expoloitation flix but I have very little tolerance for on screen animal killings. It gets viewing down to its most primal but I think it's a load of shit. Lenzi even gives of a disclaimer @ the beginning of Man From Deep River that these represent primal tribes but it's cheap entertainment. For that this loses merit which is too bad because what remains isn't too bad; it just goes to the animal butchery well far too often. Kidnapped by a savage tribe Ivan Rassimov must endure until he gains acceptence. In the process he has romantic interest in Me Me Lai who is quite the beauty to behold. Her nakedness is much appreciated. I could watch her run naked through the jungle for hours. For that alone it's worth checking out...maybe if there was an animal friendly verison like Cannibal Holocaust.

Dimitris T (br) wrote: This is the WORST film I've ever seen! Everything compare to that is a masterpiece!!!!

Andrew S (ru) wrote: Good dancing will not save this movies bland plot and bad acting!

Nick P (ag) wrote: Compliance! A timeless classic that ranks HIGH in the geek-nostalgic MUST-SEE film world. I just feel as if though there was so much more to discover, making a sequel to this film highly justified with todays abilities.

Steve N (us) wrote: This is by far the strangest film of Billy Wilder's long career and, as it turns out, a herald of his retirement. The film is blatantly sexual in ways that are surprisingly shocking, even by today's standards. As a ribald commentary on the evolving sexual and social mores of the early 60s, it was both intensely controversial and a commercial disaster when it was released. However, time has been reasonably kind to it. Dean Martin's riff on his own 'Dino' persona defines "living like a rock star" before there were rock stars in the modern sense. His appetites are unslakable, even for local go-to girl Kim Novak. You watch his blatant groping with your jaw open, wondering why no one has shivved the impudent prick up to now. Interestingly, the "purest" character may be Novak's "Polly the Pistol" who, in assuming the guise of a housewife, becomes more like her inner self than the rode-hard roadhouse chew-toy she seems at first blush.

Richard S (mx) wrote: My favorite movie. "You're late!"

Rangan R (ru) wrote: The rise of the Rap music!There were lots of debate over this film's snub from the Oscars, but I'm not here to talk about that. As a film, it was awesome and as a biographical film, even more awesome, but not an inspiring film that I was expecting. There were many bad things in it, like the language and character portrayals. Though hats off to the filmmakers for rendering the it with the bold contents. I don't know if it being true to the actual events, but anybody can feel how those circumstances would have been for those involved in the real.One thing is for sure, the film is not for the families. The first half was the reason which was very negatively appealed, particularly the racism and police abuse preoccupied rather than telling the actual story. But the next half was much better. I liked it because of that part which crafted so brilliantly. That's where the real journey begins. Well played characters, everybody who repressed those real ones were done incredible job.This film revealed something I did know. Like how the Rap music got so popular. I quite belong to the same generation where this thing got its revolution. It was like another 'Lords of Dogtown' where the young guys made skateboards popular, but here it was the Rap songs. It was a two and half hour long film, longer than an average film length, but the pace was good. Except the strong contents, the narration never looked dull. I totally enjoyed watching it, a good film for adults, particularly those who love Rap music must not think of missing it.7/10

Jason V (fr) wrote: Not sure what to say about this one.