In a mystical land torn apart by civil war, a warrior princess must team up with a rival warrior prince to hunt down an evil sorcerer who has summoned a giant flying demon which is terrorizing their land.

In a mystical land torn apart by civil war, a warrior princess must team up with a rival warrior prince to hunt down an evil sorcerer who has summoned a giant flying demon which is terrorizing their land. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gryphon torrent reviews

Joe A (au) wrote: Less than ZERO. Neil Johnson should go back to waiting tables!

Jennifer O (it) wrote: Worth watching. Suspensful.

007 W (us) wrote: Planes is pretty bad, it's like cars 2 times ten

Sukhitha J (ag) wrote: Considering all the kinds of movies which are made out there, it's not surprise that one would pick up on the notion of making a movie only about a conversation between 2 people. The real challenge would be to filling up the conversation to last for 90 odd minutes. In that sense this has been a successful movie. The contents of the conversation does seem interesting. But there are flaws. Considerable flaws.For one thing the topics that keep coming up seems one dimensional. The writer only focuses on things he only knows of, which seems not that much. He is only thinking on the lanes of Christianity and the bible. That is only one view point and there are many around the world. Now we certainly cannot expect that he should know all about religion in the world. But for a person who knows about other philosophies external to theology, the conversation seems very limited. At one time "white" says if there is one religion that speaks about nothingness, suffering that he would gladly follow it. There are religions who speak of those things like Buddhism. The Conversation does seem intellectual but lacking in knowledge. The acting of the two marvelously talented people doesn't seem all that convincing either. The conversation feels scripted, and loses the natural feel in most cases. I would like to imagine Morgan Freeman instead of S. Jackson. But he is probably playing god in this one too. I'd like to Imagine that he is the one who spoke to "Black" . This is one of the most boring a normal mediocre movie fan would imaging. But that is certainly not the reason for my low rating here. The movie was able to keep me interested. But it could have been so much more. No one would even dare making a movie like this in Hollywood any more. So I would think the chance was somewhat ruined. This could have been a movie that could offer so much food for thought. But instead it seems like a redundant conversation on stuff that Buddhists just take for granted.

Federico F (es) wrote: Good interpretation of a tired old Van Damme honoring his career in a different movie from its kind

Tyler V (it) wrote: cute addition to the "buddies" franchise

LayBones (it) wrote: communist, capitalist... all fart sniffers!

Lauren S (fr) wrote: The only reason I watched this is because i'm a big fan of Willa Holland, so if you are too you should definetly watch this film. Even though the film was a bit pointless and the story line was a bit blurry, you should still check it out because it was an alright film, and maybe i'll watch it again in a few months or so.

Lorraine T (br) wrote: I would say watch this movie...*not* because it's an excellent movie, but because it's incredibly cheesy and it's so bad it's actually funny (and it's not a comedy). The dialogue is terrible and laughable, the acting is just over the top (where did they find these people!?! And where did they learn to act...or who the hell taught them?!) and ... well, just watch it and you'll see what I mean!

John A (fr) wrote: Excellent, Gangster Movie Where The Entire Cast Are Kids. Bugsy Malone Tells The Story, Of An All-Round Nice Guy, Who Falls For A Wannabe Singer & Actress. In The Main Story, Their's A War Between Danny Dan And Fat Sam, Dan Has A New Weapon, The Dreaded Splurge Gun, Which Fires Rounds Of Custard Pies. While Back On The Romance Side Of The Story, Top Singer Tallulah Wants Bugsy For Herself. Wonderfully Scripted Story, And Some Excellent Performances From The Cast (Despite It Being Children). Bugsy Malone Is A Great Fun-Filled Family Gangster Flick.

John S (fr) wrote: Probably if I wasn't a Sinatra fan, I would have hated this film. The story was boring and hard to follow, it didn't really intrigue me or keep me wanting to continue watching. Sinatra was incredibly awesome as expected, and the rest of the cast was great too, but I just didn't really enjoy the story. By the time the exposition rolled around, everything tied together fairly well, but it was still a bit of a let down.

Mikko D (kr) wrote: A classic detective story. The beginning is little bit slow but in the end it turns out to be a good one though Newman isn't in his best.

Claire T (de) wrote: better than what I expected, great movie, I loved it and I wouldn't mind it on DVD, it starred Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, I loved it, great film, it was directed by Terence Fisher

Dave J (ru) wrote: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 (1957) Peyton Place DRAMA Tear jerker, soap opera themes that used to be taboo back then is very tame now considering what people are seeing on tv these days such as "Teen Moms", "The Jersey Shore", soap operas etc... except this one does have a happy ending! The film was big hit, provoking the studio to come out with a sequel called "Return To Peyton Place"! 2.5 out of 4

Carole T (nl) wrote: Great performaces from both Diaz and Collette but a little too cliched for me.

Walter V (fr) wrote: Great on screen chemistry