On his way to Africa, Don Pietro, a young missionary priest has his suitcase stolen in the station of Naples. While trying to retrieve his baggage he realizes how miserable the city of Naples is. Then he decides that his mission is there in Naples, He creates his 'The Boys' Town' a shelter for poor kids, aka the 'scugnizzi' (street urchins), with a view to putting them back on the right track. Some of the kids, though, do not play by the rules just using that 'home' as a convenient place for hiding the product of their thefts...

On his way to Africa, Don Pietro, a young missionary priest has his suitcase stolen in the station of Naples. While making every effort to retrieve his baggage he finds out how devastated ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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G W (mx) wrote: SO cheesy and SO ridiculous. But somehow...still kind of fulfilling. Like ready a cheap fantasy paperback.

Courtney B (ag) wrote: Not your run of the mill rom-com. Has a dark side, but that's what makes it "so real" (as Iris says in the movie). The acting was impeccable, and the story kept me up long past my bedtime. Available on Netflix streaming!

Tayler B (ca) wrote: I what to watch the movie

Bob H (nl) wrote: This sucked worse than the time I caught Barry Bonds's record breaking homerun ball worth a million dollars only to realize it was a dream when I was woken up by a crazky naked homeless man violating me.

Sebastian M (us) wrote: A classic horror comedy.

Talin P (gb) wrote: Pretty decent movie ... loved Scorsese!

Jangus J (ag) wrote: Two Friends Are Torn Apart When WW2 Breaks Out. The One With The Higher I.Q. (Dean Martin)Is Promoted Instantly To Sgt. While The Stupid One (Jerry Lewis) Has To Prepare To Get Shipped Overseas.HILARIOUS At Some Points

Jayden C (es) wrote: Two uneasy friends, a police officer and a TV talk show host, each pursue the mysterious "handcuff killer" with the aid of an artist who sees - and draws - the killer's crimes before they're committed.

Seth B (de) wrote: No doubt my favorite in the Jack Ryan series. Anyone who knows movies knows the scene with the white suburbans. Fantastic action and effects.

Jessica C (gb) wrote: GREAT movie. Comedy and romance but also thoughtful and original. I highly recommend it!

Tyler W (jp) wrote: Great Slasher Movie!

Jason V (de) wrote: Tom's pretty good even though the dialogue sometimes isn't.