Guang Dong liang zai yu

Guang Dong liang zai yu

Novice director Hsu Hsia and three other kung-fu designers created this fight-filled tale of young rascal Wang Yu, caught between master martial arts actor Jen Shih-kuan and the incredible Huang Cheng-li.

Respected actor and action choreographer Hsu Hsia didn’t waste his chance to direct — inviting three other kung-fu designers to help on this fight-filled thriller. Wang Yu, co-star of such classics as Dirty Ho and The Kid With A Tattoo, here takes center stage as a young rascal caught between master martial arts actor Jen Shih-kuan (Once Upon A Time In China) and violent Huang Cheng-li (Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow). From there on, it’s one masterful kung-fu bout after another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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