After a violent storm, Ali awakens on a deserted beach, sick and disoriented. They'll be looking for him and he must keep moving. Ivan, a local Cuban, takes Ali to the apartment of his sister Manuela, a dancer in Havana. At first, she is apprehensive to take in this tormented stranger, but she relents as she feels drawn to this mysterious person who has shown up on her door step. Ali is haunted by nightmares, which bring him to the horror of the interrogation room at Guantanamo, and by startling visions linking his past and his present life. But are these nightmares flash backs to his experiences in the prison or just dreams of a tortured soul?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Spanish,Arabic,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   guilt,   torture,  

After a violent storm, Ali awakens on a deserted beach, sick and disoriented. They'll be looking for him and he must keep moving. Ivan, a local Cuban, takes Ali to the apartment of his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (ca) wrote: X Game (Yhei Fukuda, 2010)First off: X Game is not a movie about extreme snowboarding or anything along those lines. Here's a hypothesis for you, and I rush to add I'm pulling this solely from my memory and have done no research on it whatsoever: there's a slasher-film subgenre that arose in southeast Asia a few years back, got extremely popular, and then faded just as quickly into obscurity that seems to center around high schools. (I'm going to step a little farther out on this limb and suggest that it might have been spawned by the enduring popularity of the Ghost School [Yeogo Goedam] trilogy from Korea-Whispering Corridors, Memento Mori, and Wishing Stairs-that has since spawned a number of equally successfully sequels, including the phenomenal Voice.) I can think off the top of my head of a half-dozen or so movies that fit the bill, all Japanese and all released, if memory serves, between 2007 and 2010, I've seen along these lines. X Game is the most recent one to cross my eyes. It's not the best of the lot by any means (the aforementioned Voice pretty much, if you'll pardon the pun, rules that school), but it's not the worst, either.Plot: A primary school teacher becomes an Internet sensation after his gory suicide is released on Youtube. The next day, the alumni from one of his classes, all of whom must have been drugged in some way, awaken in their old classroom and, after some rather painful prodding, agree to take part in X Game, a series of torture exercises that take the tactics the students used, while they were in this class some years back, to bully a classmate named Mariko. I'm sure you can see where this is going.X Game never strays from formula, which pretty much by definition means you're not going to get the same kinds of pleasant surprises one finds when one stumbles upon a movie like Voice, Dek Hor (released in English-speaking countries as Dorm), or Say My Name 3x. On the other hand, Fukuda has a sense of pace that some of his contemporaries lack, which makes the film feel like a better option for spending one's time than some of the other flicks that reside in this subgenre (Gosa, Art of the Devil II, Du Saram-yida if you turn your head and squint right). In other words, you don't need to go out of your way to score a copy, but if you stumble upon it on Netflix Instant sometime and you like that sort of thing, you could certainly do worse. Predictable and not terribly inspiring, but kind of fun. ** 1/2

Ynke C (jp) wrote: Seems fun and harmless.

Rowan L (ca) wrote: This movie was intriguing, heart-wrenching, and it had compelling and rich characters who each had a uniqueness and an enthralling story which made you empathetic and connect whist still having that Wes Anderson feel to it.

Jacob (mx) wrote: LOL!!!! ITS VERY FUNNY

MacDara C (de) wrote: (Watched Mon 13 Feb 2012) Plays more like a TV movie, but an above-average one.

Anita L (au) wrote: The story of these two characters have alot of potential, and it is not brought forward in this movie. It's slow, boring and the ending is very predictable. Could have been much much better

Kevin A (mx) wrote: Felt more like a Cuban documentary about the revolution than an actual entertaining story. Boring overall

P Andrew S (br) wrote: I am continually impressed by the plot, acting and photography of many of these older movies. This is a gem, with great shots of San Francisco and a killer performance (excuse the pun) from a youthful jack Palance. Joan Crawford's emotional performance is riveting.

Ann L (mx) wrote: BATAAN A moving WWII drama based on a series of actual events in the South Pacific in 1942. Good ensemble cast. Robert Taylor is a stand-out. This homage recalls the heroic self-sacrifice of American-Philippine troops in a last ditch effort to stave off the onslaught of advancing Japanese forces in conquest of the island nation, thus allowing for the bulk of General MacArthur's army to fall back and evacuate to a safer position until conditions were more auspicious for their ultimate return and victory many months later. Japan had initially attacked the Philippines on May 8, 1941, one day after their infamous bombing of Pearl Harbor. The Battle for Bataan took place on this SW Luzon peninsula from April to May 7, 1942, at which time Japanese troops took complete control of the general area for an extended period of time. This particular story as portrayed in the movie isn't perfect and is in fact a fictionalized account. However it does present the grim realities of a very dire situation to the viewer as it existed for Allied forces assigned to the difficult mission in 1942 on Bataan. In truth they endured many hardships that complicated their very best efforts to succeed and many perished--but they did succeed in their mission, and General MacArthur did indeed return to fight another day. Special effects are representative of 1943 film making.

Larissa P (nl) wrote: It's worth to see an Astaire-Rogers movie where they're not the main couple just to see that scene where Fred speaks portuguese to the brazilian guards haha

Paul C (kr) wrote: Not one of the strongest of the Carry On canon, but scripted by Talbot Rothwell there are still plenty of gags. The main fault with the film is that it is missing so many Carry on regulars - and the cast members who fill their places just dont cut the mustard!

Norm d (ag) wrote: + Too highly rated, it seems, for a dominantly courtroom / prison movie. The motivations behind & interest in the case by the Emma Thompson character was very poorly established, if at all. And who paid her tab? As a lesson about police past-&-present & the establishment legal profession, there aren't many surprises. That it took so long to get things righted & corrected was tragic.

Jean K (kr) wrote: HYPNOTIC! I will have to watch it at least 5 more times to understand it however.

Craig B (de) wrote: I feel dirty admitting I like WILD THINGS. It's like admitting you slow down to ogle at car accidents on the freeway. And yet, it's really hard to deny how fun this flick is or how well executed the plot twists are. It's the modern equivilent of a 50's noir pot-boiler, aware of its own salacious heart, begging you to slum it for a just a little while. After all, you probably won't remember anything in the morning.