Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Detective - turned - bodyguard Cynthia McKay (Cynthia Rothrock) is hired by a psychotic icy seductress, Nina Lindell (Lydie Denier), the same woman who killed Mckay's lover months earlier. With vendetta in her heart McKay accompanies the flamboyantly playful womanizer through the glamourous world of the super-rich as his protector. In a unique role reversal, it is the woman protecting the man from another woman, erupting into a deadly triangle of passion, suspense and action.

Christine McKay is a cop. She and some other cops which includes her lover are pursuing some criminals. Her lover gets killed by a woman named Nina, who is later caught. Because of his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abby T (mx) wrote: Love Ryan Kwanten, but this was definitely below his paygrade. It started off slow and the pace didn't pick up much.

Stefan P (it) wrote: Una chica amante del rock independiente descubre su talento y pasin por el roller derby en Austin.Siendo esta la pera prima de Barrymore nos muestra que va por buen camino. Con personajes bien construidos, todos brillan; muy buen reparto y actuaciones, ambientacin que parece de los ochentas, secuencias de accin, comedia y hasta romance.Una historia muy disfrutable y con estrella. Bien por Drew!

Steven W (nl) wrote: light & fun. unlike anything i've seen before.

Mithun G (gb) wrote: Very insghtful doc on the life of the modern day merc.

Zachary H (kr) wrote: This is another movie that really didn't need the tedious connection to a film series it has very little to do. Apparently, this is a way for the studio to make money on a movie they don't think will by riding on the popularity of a series (because Urban Legend spawned such GREAT box office successes...). This movie is not connected with the original Urban Legend at all, and it seems almost stupid to connect the two films. That said, this movie is better than the first sequel and lives up to the original. This movie has some very interesting deaths that often appear to be "death" from Final Destination deciding to shine Urban Legend based deaths on a group of kids that did something pretty horrible. That horrible thing is really not established very well. I think we are supposed to think rape, but far be it from me to figure it out. If you get past that, assume they raped the girls, and believe that a vengeful spirit of a previously killed girl, this movie will actually come off as a pretty good movie. Some of the greatest effects in the series litter the death scenes (the arm....ech!). This movie is pretty good, but it does have a somewhat crap story and a really crap ending. Overall, this movie has some of the best deaths in the series and can actually get pretty tension-y and almost scary. I recommend this movie to people that like ghost killers or just horror movie in general (it's worth it for the arm and the spiders....).

Kiana E (mx) wrote: This movie pretty much describes my experience with my past "friends" I

Camille L (ag) wrote: Incroyable mais vrai, meme les Sud-Coreens savent faire des films scandaleusement nuls. Clementine est mis en scene avec les pieds, les acteurs sont catastrophiques (sauf Steven Seagal, qui est grand et beau pendant 10 minutes), le scenario est d'une mievrerie et d'une betise ahurissantes et la musique pompiere. Nul.

Manuel P (br) wrote: otra pelicula regular pero lo que lo salva es hayden

Brandon K (gb) wrote: something to nod your head to

Federico F (jp) wrote: Beautiful war movie, with a cast put to the test, came out gloriously for a film directed by a master in the genre live action: Ridley Scott

Becky F (au) wrote: I do love a biopic of a musician! This one was certainly unrelenting when exploring both James Brown's talents as well as the darker parts of his personality.

Logan M (ca) wrote: It's bland, and not nearly as good as the debut film.

Joe I (gb) wrote: Simple. Hysterical. Touching. Crazy. Long live Jim