Guardian of Hell

Guardian of Hell

Nuns become possessed by the Devil and lust after the abbot!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   occult,   italy,  

Nuns become possessed by the Devil and lust after the abbot! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew S (fr) wrote: Odd Neo-Thriller staring gifted actor, Brady Corbet. Antonio Campos creates an intense atmospheric character study of a mentally unstable young man. In the hands of most filmmakers this film would have become a dark erotic thriller complete with a handy-wrapped-up conclusion. However, Campos has something all together different in mind. This is an experimental film that seems to flow rather than propel forward. Sexually confused and emotionally stunted, Simon drifts through Paris in a mental downward spiral. Corbet is at once both vulnerable and horrifying. Well-crafted and psychologically compelling, SIMON KILLER is a moody Parisian-infused nightmare that is difficult to forget or dismiss.

Brentin M (es) wrote: This is an amazing debut from Victoria Mahoney. It can be a bit Grease-y and afterschool-special-y, and the story meanders. But as total product, it shows grit and promise. Every actor turns in solid performances and Jason Clarke is my favorite actor right now. This deserves a viewing

Jillian B (it) wrote: Way over-the-top is definitely the right description of this movie. Some surprisingly laugh-out-loud moments really help keep you entertained. I'm against any sort of voice dubbing, but this one was done very well and each voice seemed to fit. The ending is absolutely ridiculous, but for a ridiculous premise in the first place it just works.

Tara A (nl) wrote: Kind of a weird experience in that it made me think the book was probably better, yet didn't make me want to read it? Yet watchable. I don't know.

Winston L (mx) wrote: Its a movie where the director doesn't know if it should be a documentary or action thriller. At best, its a history lesson with no plot.

Don S (it) wrote: A slasher movie with a decent concept - a totem that reads your fears and confronts you with them within the confines of a haunted house - but horrible execution. The production values are pretty good for the low budget, but the effects are fairly lame and the acting is downright bad. The dialogue is awful as well (maybe causing some of the bad acting?). Loads of jump scares that won't make any true horror fan jump and not much else. Nice try, but not good enough.

Elissa Lovee M (mx) wrote: I personally loved it and the music (: great plot

Igor A (es) wrote: slabo,premnogu izvikan film,serijata e mnogu mnogu podobra

Roy G (us) wrote: This small-budget heist movie, though hardly very original, is at least made with complete professionalism.

Igor A (es) wrote: Javier Bardem e zakon! :)

Greg W (jp) wrote: Everything in and about Baigelman's debut is irritatingly derivative: second-hand plot, small-time characters, limited and movieish vision, and bad performances for Reeves and Diaz.

James M (ca) wrote: The Wachowski Brothers pre-Matrix thriller is actually their best work. Well written & brilliantly acted. It almost comes off looking like a Coen Brothers movie.It's a shame the filmmakers became a bit obsessed with sci-fi following this great debut.

Wes R (jp) wrote: An old fun disney movie

william b (de) wrote: Sing along and enjoy the show.