Guarding Tess

Guarding Tess

Doug is a Secret Service Agent who has just completed his stint in charge protecting Tess Carlisle, widow of a former U.S. President, and close personal friend of the President. He finds that she has requested that he not be rotated but instead return to be her permanent detail. Doug is crushed. He wants off her detail. She is very difficult to guard and makes her detail crazy with her whims and demands. Doug returns with no idea of how to continue dealing with her.

The movie follows a former First Lady whose cantankerous and demanding behavior proves too much for her Secret Service bodyguard, Doug. When she's kidnapped, however, Doug's feelings change. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nasia D (de) wrote: love the movie ending could have been a little better

James W (ca) wrote: Michelle Williams-- a very powerful performance, and a terrific movie.

Zach W (us) wrote: when you get netflix it is a bargain, with any bargain there are probably parts you will never use but take because they are so cheap, that aside being a big fan of the red bank series by kevin smith this movie does strike a cord with me and i just happened to flip to it by chance but it is definetly worth giving a shot

Charlie S (es) wrote: Agent Cody Banks 2: So many British stereotypes (2004)

Jacqueline C (ru) wrote: Hilarious take off of the original story of Ned Kelly and showcases the real Aussie way

Stephen L (gb) wrote: Interesting concept but can't overcome the terrible ending.

Deke P (us) wrote: Snap out of it, Cher.

Alexander N (us) wrote: 4 stars for the music alone. It's Oceans 11 with reggae musicians, and a lot of great unstaged Jamaica of the 1970s besides.

Marko S (us) wrote: a bit too long, but a great chant of freedom. woody guthrie's biography is something that should be filmed and put as an obligatory education. this man represents the real america, home of the brave, land of the free. and david carradine is a perfect choice for the leading role.

Austin W (fr) wrote: this movie is so bad that its good

Tom H (nl) wrote: Lacks in both plot and execution, but i still found the fight sequences to be entertaining. The sudden love interest one of the characters get midway are laughable. It just has no place in a film with barely no real actors. shit almost all fighters in the film use their real life names for their characters.

Phil T (ca) wrote: Probably not as funny as it should be, but still huge fun nonetheless. With a decent mixture of dark comedy and gore I found it entertaining without been too silly